Friday, December 25, 2009

A Word About Handy Men...

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know that my husband is handy with his hands and his tools. Stick with me here--it's going to get interesting.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes--I had the audacity to be be born on Christmas Eve. To hear my mother tell the story, the nurses tried to get her to hang onto me for a few more hours so I could be born on Christmas Day. oO(Do obstetrics nurses understand the horridness of being born on a holiday?!?!?!)Oo  

Anyway, my husband is a thoughtful man and understands his wife. He understands that she's not into frivolous or fru-fru type of gifts. He understands that she prefers the practical, useful type of gifts. But he also is...well--let's face it. He's a man.  

Guess what this is... 

No--come on and really guess! 

If you guessed a duct-tape bow, you win the prize!  


Yes, there was a Kitchen Aid in the box.  

'Nuff said... 



  1. That bow is totally awesome! How clever your husband is. And a Kitchen Aid to boot. I have a very old one and love it so much. I too prefer more practical gifts. This year my husband gave me a case for my recently purchased portable sewing machine. My daughter gave me the one and only thing I asked for - one of those goofy hats that the kids are wearing with ear flaps. I may look like a dork but I'm a warm dork and the warm part is what counts.

    My younger sister's birthday is Dec 20 and that was bad enough for her. I can only imagine a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day birthday. My husband's maternal grandmother gave birth to not 1, not 2 but 3 of her 12 children.

  2. Wow! How awesome and how creative he is! Nice gift too!!

  3. I love the package! And you will love the mixer. Happy Birthday!

  4. if I could stop laughing...
    I would compliment your hubby
    on his choice of gift and unique wrapping
    But,I can't stop laughing .............
    :D m.e.

  5. Yes he's handy with duct tape! :D I love his sense of humor.
    Thank you for the good wishes--my electric beaters that my son gave me 10 years ago were finally dying the day before and I was dreading having to hand mix the cinnamon bun dough!

  6. Happy birthday, belatedly! (And the duct-tape bow is great...)