Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tour of Ornaments: Part II

We have a white Christmas Eve! That's what I wished for--that and a White Christmas--for my birthday. Some of you have inquired and yes, today is my birthday. I was born 9:04PM EST in Selfridge AFB, Mt. Clemmons, Michigan 48 years ago. Twenty-two years later I was given the best birthday gift ever--my nephew! It's been great sharing my birthday with a wonderful and beautiful soul.

The Tour of Ornaments begins with the Mommy ornament. This ornament was given to my by my mother to celebrate the birth of my son. His first ornament also gets hung every year. 

 One of our most cherished ornaments is worn and very tired. They are a pair of Christmas Worms--no tree should be without them. I don't know the story of how Christmas Worms came about; only that I helped make hundreds of them when I was with a girls' organization many years ago. We sold them along with Texas Mosquitos, and other holiday ornaments at a local crafts fair to help raise funds. Those were fun times.  

 Then D's sister gave us this ornament last year. It's been waiting for a chance to hang on the tree. It's one of the presidential ornaments. She gave us Benjamin Harrison. It's patriotic with its red, white, and blue. 

Next comes our figurines that we like to put out. Starting this off is the Christmas Pair: Bear and Reindeer. They usually hang from some spot in the house, gracing our holiday season with their presence. We put them up instead of the tree in 2005 because we were going to D's mother's for the holidays. My son, his father, and his aunt were coming our way the day after Christmas and that allowed us to visit with every one. 

  I love Santa. I believe in Santa. To me--Santa embodies the spirit of the holidays: giving and sharing. Therefore, it's natural for me to collect Santa figurines. The first is our Shamrock Santa Cat. My mother was into ceramics for most of my growing up years. One year she gifted us this cat and my son promptly named it the "Shamrock" Santa Cat because it looked a lot like our cat, Shamrock. 

 We also have the Renascence Santa. My mother decided to make different versions of Santa for awhile. I received this one. It's one of my favorites. He recently got broken but we managed to glue him back together.
 D and I collected some different figurines since we've been married. He gave me this Old World Santa back in 1996--long before we ever decided to marry. 
Back when we were close friends and before he moved to Detroit. 
The Tree Santa was his choice our first Christmas together as a married couple. I love it. 

 The Santa Bear joined our family the second year we were married. The White Santa was another one of my mother's gifts to me. 

 These elves have been in the family since the 70s. Back then my mother sold  Home Interiors and she picked these for our house. I always loved them so when she divided her ornaments up between the four of us, I got these!  

 D likes snowmen to Santas. So to balance out our home--which you can tell is loaded with Santas, we decided on the Snow Boys. They are precious and we like them alot.   

 The last Santa she gave me was this one. He's 16 inches tall and detailed like crazy. His coat is suede-like. She put some sort of batting for the fur trim. She did a beautiful job on him.  He holds a special place in our home--some place the cats can't get to easily.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  

From our home to yours...From our Family to Yours...
We hope that Peace and Joy fills your hearts and your home;
That Love and Hope bless you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

C and D
Merlin, Ava, Arby, Chile, Topaz, Gabby, Max, Harley, Cuddles, Lacey, and Tilly
And The Ferals 


  1. We have those same elves! Hubby just brought them home from his grandparents' house.

  2. You have some awesome decorations. I love the old world Santa! He is so cool looking. The ornaments are all so sweet. I just love Christmas. I'm so glad you got your is pouring rain here right now!

    Happy Happy Birthday to you my friend. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. Hapy, Happy Birthday and Merry, Merry Christmas! Freezing rain is threatening to throw a kink in our holiday travel, but it will be a joyous day either way.

  4. Our internet was down yesterday due to winter weather, which was really a blessing of sorts because I still had wrapping to do. Anyway, I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays! I loved your Christmas tour. I have a set of those cute little Home Interior elves too. They were on display last year but just didn't make it out of their box this year. So happy to hear that you got your wish of a white Christmas. We did too and the snow is beautiful, sparkling in the sunlight.