Monday, December 28, 2009

The Day After The Day After...

*sighs* In our family, the holiday tree comes down after New Year's. It's something that was done in both families and a tradition that D and I like to continue in our family. We've done this before without any problem--even with cats in the house. 

This year I may be taking the tree down sooner than that. Because of the cats in the house. Especially because of these cats in our house! 
Notice the tree leans to the right? That's because one or two of the cats (we suspect Merlin AND Harley) played "BONSAI" into the tree last night, breaking one of the stand pieces. Also note the ornaments--or the lack thereof. They are getting fewer and fewer. During the fiasco last night, D managed to catch the tree, but one of the ornaments that have been with me for 30 years got broken. I tried not to cry because after all--it's a thing right? Lives are more important than things certainly. I knew it wasn't the loss of the ornament per se that  upset me--it was the tangible evidence of that particular piece of history that upset me. 

Other than the sad state of our tree, D and I have been taking it easy. I started working on my next semester's classes. I need to revamp, revise, redo many aspects of my teaching so I'm not so swamped with students' work and the students don't get lose the high quality of teaching that's expected and needed. D is thinking about work that needs to be done around here before his final semester picks up and he gets too involved to do much about the work needed here.  

But I've taken advantage of the lull and been happily, voluntarily working my other true obsessive-compulsive disorder. 


I actually made this for my mother-in-law before the holiday. I felt the pale pink rose and the pearls would work well for her since she likes roses.  

 The rose pendent was made by Mary Ellen at BeetreebyME
 She's got some new beads, flowers, angels, fairies, and other pendents in her store. 

The centerpiece finding came from Shannon over at Fab Beads. She has a great selection of various findings!

I made this set for my baby sister who also loves red roses. 
The set below is for my niece who collects crosses. I used dark red coral Swarovski crystals to accent the pieces. In case you're interested. 
These anklets were resized for a friend of mine who has been extremely patient with me in getting these to her. I made these for her a year or so ago, but they were the wrong size. The anklets are headed back to Washington DC today. 

I made earrings. One of these days I'll discuss my obsession with earrings and why I like them! I like all kinds of styles and as you probably have guessed--even similar ones with similar styles. Call me nuts and you'd be half right! :D

   My obsession...

Some more of Terri Stone's artwork done in a cool but funky way.
And these were for me. I made the necklace to go with the bracelet and earrings but forgot to photograph it.  

        The goldstone diamonds came from Gretchen Lima's store. 

The roses were made by Mary Ellen. I loved the drama of purple and red together. Cool, royal, and dignified versus hot, passionate, and intense. Mary Ellen's art is simply beautiful. This picture doesn't do them justice unfortunately.
 I have a surprise gift occasion coming up in a month or two. I decided to make this in advance. While I had some time. While I could bead. The pendent bead is from Ivy Koehn who does beautiful artwork at ikandiclay.

So what are your plans for New Year's? Will you go out and party in the New Year? Or will you stay at home and have a peaceful night? 


  1. Bummers on the ornament. I would be a bit sad too.

    Wow have you been busy! You make me feel like a slug! :) I did get a tote made yesterday that I will get listed later today if the sun comes out and blesses me with some natural light. Everything you've made is gorgeous! So pretty.

    New's just me and Irv. Irv will be sleeping long before midnight and I usually manage to stay away to watch the celebration on TV. The kids all call. They use to fight to see who could be the first call, but as they have gotten older....that doesn't seem to be a priority anymore...I think it must have had something to do with the amount of alcohol they consumed that made the game so much fun!

    Have an awesome day Cathryn.

  2. Your beading is beautiful as always. I especially like the rose and pearls one.

    Might I suggest looking through your photos. Surely you have a picture of the broken ornament among them? It's not quite the same but should bring you some comfort in the memories of it.

  3. I agree with might have a photo of the ornament that will help you hold the memories dear. Those darn cats! Maybe next year you should do a cat tree with "disposable" ornaments just for them! I love all your jewelry, especially the earrings with Terri's beads. Those are some lucky girls to get those nice things.

  4. The earrings are mine Cherin! LOL I'm the lucky one!
    I've been looking for a photo of the ruined ornament--it was one of the hand-blown glass ones. *sighs* No luck so far and I'm sure I took photos of all the ornaments a few years back. I have to sort through CDs now.
    Thank you for your suggestions and kind words about my beading!

  5. Wow! Have you been a busy girl beading! Love the work. Oh, and love the idea with my beads.
    Think you better take the tree down ASAP so you don't loose any more special ornamnets.
    So happy for you that you have been creating.