Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something Special Update

 After reading the lovely and warm comments, I decided to give Mrs. C her rosary early. I know this is a special month for her in the manner of religious practices and I wanted her to be able to use her rosary. I had purchased this special card above with her in mind and signed it...To The Angel Next Door. She's such a special person to both of us.

We actually had to do some errands for Mrs. C. Turns out she has bronchitis and needed to be on antibiotics. The pharmacist warned us that because the antibiotic is strong, she would experience intestinal problems so to get her some yogurt.  We picked up some Brown Cow Maple Cream Top yogurt. It's one of my favorites and I know she likes it too. At the same time, we had to run around town, pay some bills, and do some healthy foods shopping ourselves. So it was much later in the day when I was able to take it all over to her.  

Well, the verdict is in.  Mrs. C LOVES her rosary! She called me again yesterday and said she can't stop taking it out of its pouch and looking at it. She can't wait to have Father George bless it Sunday so she can start using it for her prayers. I did not realize it had to be blessed before being used, otherwise I would have walked over to Father George and asked him to do that for her before I gave it to her.  

Mrs. C also told me she's been "bragging about my new rosary!" to family and friends. She told me it was the perfect gift and she now has red roses that won't fade or die on her.   She's also been showing it off to visitors and tells them "My Hita made this for me!" 

I'm so full of those warm fuzzies because  the rosary has brought her so much joy and happiness. And isn't that what this holiday is supposed to be about? Spreading a little bit of happiness and joy to others?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: "Hita" is Spanish slang for "mijita" which means precious girl or daughter or favored female person. In Spanish the J is pronounced like a H. Others use the slang version of Hita/Hito. "Mijito" is the formal version of "Hito" and has the same meaning but for boys or men.) 


  1. I just knew Mrs C would love the rosary! I hope she's feeling better soon.

  2. What a nice Christmas story. You are fortunate to have each other and to celebrate your special friendship at this time of year.

  3. I knew she would love that rosary. It was absolutely gorgeous!! How wonderful to have such a special friendship and be able to help one another the way you do. So very special.