Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cards and More Cards

You may remember when I posted a story about finding the perfect holiday card by Studio Petite. 

Or you may not. 

I found some other card artists who had some beautiful artwork I couldn't resist purchasing. 

Yes. Alright. OK---I admit it! I like cards! I like to keep them on hand for those special or silly occasions. I like sending cards.  I'm a card junkie. There. I said it. Or wrote it. I am a card junkie! 
Here's your warning--I'm about to take you on a tour of card shops that I've found. 

The first stop on our tour is located in Etsy. It's Pam's shop, Cardcrazy. Pam and her mother put together some really cute cards. I've found cards that helped us reach out to our elder relatives across the country. She also sells paper supplies. 

 The next place on our tour is Ashley's store called Scrappin' Ashley.  This delightful little store is where I found the hedgehog card for my husband's birthday. I laughed when I saw this card and had to have it for him. It was too much fun!
 Cheryl lives in Canada. Luckily for us we don't have to make that journey to see her cards. She has them on Etsy at her shop Mochamama.   I love this card--it's so apropos in certain cases!

 OldLadyBern's Etsy store carries a variety of cards.  I ordered some more Victorian cards from her for some of our older relatives because they would appeal to them.  I'll get a couple of birthday cards from her as well because they have that special touch that will be appreciated. 

 Finally, we come to the last stop on our tour. I just recently discovered this eclectic Etsy store that offers a variety of goods, such as cake plates, coaters, aprons AND cards! Kathy's son take some of the photographs and she takes others. I have visited this store many times, just window shopping.  But the cards--I love the photograph cards because they are so unique! 

How can you NOT like this photograph card? 

Or this one of a winter sunset? 

 So if you need a card for that special occasion, try these wonderful stores. You will get unique cards that aren't massed-produced. You will get quality art. You will not want to send them. :D

If you want to send the very best of sentiments, send handmade, handcrafted cards. 


  1. Great tour! You've given me some ideas about places to shop.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and for showing some of our work. You are so sweet. I plan to check out some of the other shops. I am always looking for fun cards. Thank you :)

  3. Cathryn,

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! I really appreciate it!


  4. I am so thrilled you were happy with my shop and your cards! I love making them for people who will actually use them and love them! Thankyou again!
    Scrappin Ashley

  5. This was totally sweet of you to do, Thank You so much!!