Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Balls of Fur!

Two days ago, it snowed again. In fact, it snowed all day long. Our temperatures dropped to below zero. I came across this sight and had to share it with you.

 Tilly watching the snow fall.

 Tilly is a bit different from her siblings. She's actually tougher than they are but she's very sweet. It made my heart go "Awwwwwwwwww" when I saw her watching the snow falling. You know those heart Awws I'm talking about. The short but sweet tugging at your heart strings that can get us misty-eyed or smiling. Those little bright spots in our long days.

A little while later, I realized with the snow falling like it was, the birds may be needing some seeds. So I took a look.  

Birds in the trees

 I threw a can of seed out for the little song birds. For some reason, the bird feeder was untouched.  I don't know what the birds are called or which family they belong to. I haven't found them in my bird books. 

A little bit later, I saw this:
 From Left to Right: Gabby, Cuddles, Harley, and Max
This is unusual for this household: Cats sharing a window. I wondered what they were watching so intently.  These cats are not like Tilly--simply content to watch the snow fall. No way are these cats watching it snow outside. So what has their complete and utter concentration?

 Intense balls of fur. 
 Of course...I should have known. They are bird hunting. close as they can get to hunting birds.  I could hear their thoughts.

Cuddles: Oh those are BIG birds!
Gabby: Mom calls them pigeons.
Max: Do you think they taste as good as chicken?
Harley:  Could they taste better than turkey? You know I can do some turkey. Do we have any left?
Cuddles after batting Harley on the head: Concentrate here. If we catch one, do you think Mom will cook it for us?
Gabby:  Better get Dad to do it. Mom doesn't cook birds, remember?
Harley: Let's plan how to get us one. I'll go after that mottled looking one. No--it looks like me. I'll get the other one...
Gabby: Good plan Harley, if we can get OUTSIDE.
Max: Do you think they taste as good as chicken?

Harley and Lacey 
  A little later, I saw Harley's and Lacey's head swivel back and forth, up and down. It was like watching people watch a tennis match and it made me giggle.  They were watching the pigeons fly off the roof or fly overhead. 

But this was my favorite shot:

 Sweet Harley



  1. Your pictures are great! I wondered what was going to happen when I saw that you put bird seed out. That next picture of all the kitties watching and the commentary was too funny. And I love the houses in your neighborhood - the ones I could see out your windows.

  2. Oh my gosh those are wonderful and what a great story. I use to love to watch my cats at the window, chattering and clucking at a squirrel in the tree or birds on the ground. So much fun. I do miss those things about the cats. I know I will have to get another one some day. Maybe after we figure out how to train this new pup of ours!

    Make it a good one!

  3. Amazing pictures, especially the one of the cats watching the birds. I hope you are enjoying your snow and being snug and warm with the kitties.

  4. Awwww, such a sweet story! The pictures are great.

  5. Wonderful post. Cats are forever the little hunters and it's fun to watch them as they stalk things (such a catnip mouse or piece of bright and wigglely ribbon) like little panthers in wild forest.

    I also want to thank you for posting a comment on my blog. It was nice to get a comment on a subject that I realized would be unpopular with the rest of the blogging crowd...especially at this time of year. Enjoy the snow and your pack of mighty hunters. :)