Friday, December 18, 2009

Totally and Happily Addicted

I had intended to bake yesterday. I still have biscochitos, mini German chocolate cakes, mini carrot cakes, zucchini and pumpkin breads all to bake. Not to mention the cookies! I really meant to get down to the baking business. Seriously!  I had my recipes lined up, the kitchen was relatively clean after making the spaghetti dinner for the people who keep me connected to my students and was even in the mood to do some heavy duty baking. You know how being in the mood is important!

While I was waiting for my coffee to finish percolating, I sat down to peruse some of my favorite blogs and I glanced over to the beads left out on my desk. I had some beading to do for holiday gifts and I set some out the day before to go through them. You remember reading about my other vice? Well, all it took was the glance. 

The addiction began whispering seductively in my mind--telling me that I just needed a fix. After all, I've been really good about not letting it interfere with my classes or teaching. Really, really good. One little bracelet  and earring set wouldn't harm me. It would only be just one--a simple reward for finishing the semester. I began to see hallucinations of completed beaded jewelry sets, of book hooks, of the necklace I wanted to make that went with my Earthy set. The voice kept whispering and I was lost!

I made up this bracelet earring set for a special young lady. 

 "Summer Colors" beads made by Terri Stone of TLSClayDesign. 

After finish the first bracelet, I figured this young lady was was so special, she should have two!
"Ballarina Pink" beads were also made by Terri Stone.

My Earthy Set 
  This is the Earthy Set I made for myself. I made the earrings and bracelet awhile back. It's made with amazonite, fancy teal green jaspers, copper cubes, and sagey-green life symbol beads.  I wanted the necklace but had to get the life symbol beads first. The life symbol beads must have fallen out of a favor because I can't find them except through Gretchen Lima and she offers them once in a great while. It's one of my favorite sets to wear.

By the way, Gretchen is one of my favorite bead dealers. Can I say that?  It's meant as a good thing, I assure you.  She's always got a fantastic selection of beads. I've been buying from her for a while now and have always received excellent customer care. In case you are interested. In case you are a bead junkie like me. 

Bead dealer. Bead junkie. It brings to mind of dark corners and surreptitiously exchanging cash for beads. Or exchanging beading favors in musty roach motels. Will it make 20/20 News Investigations? Will Geraldo interview the bead dealers and the bead junkies with their voices and silhouettes disguised, trying to get to the bottom of this addiction that's hitting our nation in epidemic proportions? ? Will Sally interview the bead junkies and the men who love them? Will we read in our local newspapers how bead junkies are loitering just outside of craft stores, bothering honest customers?  

Ok reign it in, girl. We've had a little too much beading and way too much coffee this morning, I'd say.  
"Drama" beads by Terri Stone.
 I also made this set for someone on my gift list. She's a talented and hard working person who is just amazing. I love her dearly. 

When I finished that set, the voice came back. It was only 10 in the morning--there was plenty of time to bake.  One more thing would not hurt me. It would ease most of the semester tension away. And I found myself reaching to finish another....
Copper Crystal Earrings. The crystals are Crystal Copper by Swarovski. The copper rings which are just precious and I got those at this little findings shop, Brie's Boutique. She is a delightful lady that's also talented. Brie offers a variety of findings and vintage cabochons and stones. She offers excellent customer care as well. 

 "Swirls" beads by Ivy Koehn

 "Sugar Beads" by Mary Ellen at BeeTreeByME. 

"Goddess" beads from Gretchen Lima. 

Scarab beads from Gretchen Lima 
By this time, I started justifying my addiction. I was creating! How bad can an addiction be if I'm doing something productive, creative, and making things for other people in my life?!?!? I haven't beaded in so long! I've been good! I can always bake tomorrow. I need to take my walk. Tomorrow. I should....and the voice whispers "Tomorrow." There's always tomorrow but today is for beading!

(If you have an addiction/vice, you understand this internal dialog and wanting to break into song.)  
Close up of the scarab beads. Love these!  
I made sets for the in-laws and the out-laws. I was happily beading. I didn't look at the computer. I didn't talk long on the phone and I beaded the whole time I did. The baking went undone. The house still is not ready for Christmas, but I didn't care. I was beading! 


  1. Your bead work is beautiful and I just know the recipients will be delighted to receive them. I know exactly what you mean about other things getting in the way and the time just disappears. Here I am right now, setting at the computer reading my favorite blogs when I really need to be sewing up a few Christmas gifts. I'll get to it - I will. In just a few. . .

  2. Fabulous job, Cathryn! You have some talent, girl! Should open a shop in Etsy...just sayin'. I totally understand the addiction. I have it too. When that voice whispers in your ear, there's no ignoring. It just takes over. Great blog post