Monday, December 21, 2009

Their First Christmas

Between the mini German Chocolate cakes cooling and the mini carrot cakes baking, we put up our tree last night. As D and I were listening to Christmas music, we contemplated that for seven of our household cats, this would be their first tree, their first Christmas. We've spent the past few years traveling to D's mother's. The last time we were home was in 2006. We didn't put up a tree then because we were overwhelmed with our hectic schedules. So the very, very last time we put up the tree was in 2004 when D's mother came to for the holidays. That's been five years. Arby let us know right away that she was very happy that we did the tree again. For her and Ava--tree and stockings says it's Christmas.
 Arby wanted the stockings out right away. She knew they needed to be hung. Yes--we put up stockings for the cats in our household. 

 Ava cheered her on. Ava is good about things like that. She's good about other things but not in what we humans define as "good." 
 Lacey had to help D with the lights. So did Merlin and Cuddles.  

Max never had a Christmas tree before so he's checking this out. Harley likes the idea of a tree in the house. 

Arby is happy. She has her tree. She has her stocking hung up. She knows turkey is coming for the holiday meal. 

Many of my blogger friends have been showing off their treasured ornaments that belongs to their families. They have shared the history of their tree treasures and the stories of how those ornaments came into their homes. It's been so delightful to read these lovely Kodak moments and I wanted to join in. So this morning I got ready to take some pictures of our treasured ornaments so I can share with my readers. 

I found a note on the desk from my husband next to our camera. He's a wise man--knowing his wife is going to blog about the cats' first tree experience. The note said:
    "C--By 10pm the little ones had the tree down on the ground & ornaments scattered everywhere. WILL FIX the tree in the morning."
Sure enough, I found this: 

 The top of the tree...

The middle of the tree...
The bottom of the tree... 
 I need coffee. 


  1. Oh no! My boys like to bat ornaments, but have never brought down the big tree. Noodle has a little tree in her room that Tater has brought down a few times.

    We put up stocking for the dogs and cats. =)

  2. Kitties and trees. I wasn't really surprised. You gotta know they had fun while it lasted.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  3. Santa came early for the kitties! Sounds like you are very busy with baking and decorating. Love your photos!

  4. Oh No Cathryn!
    Seeing the kittens in the pics at first I would of never imagined they would do that. But I bet they had a blast. Wish we knew what they were saying during the fun...

  5. Uh oh! My daughter has 2 new kitties this year and she decided not to put a tree up. I'm going to send her your link and I'm sure she will be very please with her dicision. :)

  6. So far our cat has positively ignored our tree - the only interest he has shown was in the wrapping paper when we were wrapping up the presents.

    Merry Christmas to you and your cats from N Ireland.