Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stick a Fork In It...

Ok...the beading frenzy has finally run through its course...*big breath of relief here* 

I'm in the process of cleaning off my desk, organizing it and getting geared up for working. Yep--it's time for me to start planning next semester's classes. I need to get my syllabi worked out, along with class assignments, due dates, course calendars, and plan for midterms and finals. I've got to get it in gear. 

And that means rearranging my office space so I can work much more effectively and efficiently this semester without killing myself in the process. I love to teach. It's thrilling and very gratifying--which is good because the pay is not the thing you would write home to Mother about...

So here are the last of my beading projects...Enjoy them!
This was made for a special little girl in my life. She talks to me on the phone, dances for me (over the phone) and points out Bobbo the Cat to me (over the phone). She's the granddaughter of my best friend and she deserves her own necklace. Guess who made the beads? 

These earrings came from the bead trade I had with Jo over at Jo's Jewels. I have a third one I'm wanting to make into a pendent but I ran out of antique gold chain.  I just love these stones although I can't tell you what they are. They give off a shine that I can't seem to capture via camera.
TLSClayDesign offered these earrings for sale. I had been lusting after them what seemed like forever. Terri Stone is a very generous woman and sent me some beads that she made that actually matched the earrings. I made this set out of them. 
I wanted this set like I want most things in life: with a passion. When it was finally offered on sale, (being the frugal person I am) I snapped it up quickly before anyone else had a chance.  I've drooled over these beads and played with them, making different combinations with the beads I had. Today, it all came together.  Do you recognize who did the bead work?
 This last set was another of Ivy Koehn's creations. I asked her if she had matching beads for  the pendent and she promptly put up several sets. She also included the diamond-shaped ones as a free gift for earrings.  Gretchen Lima put the deep amethyst seed beads on auction awhile back and I couldn't resist a great bargain. They just seemed to blend so well together!
I'm hoping my baby sister comes back from Florida safely. If I'm lucky, I'll get to go visit with her before she makes the move across country permanent. More about that later.  

Tonight, I'm tired and need to heat up some left-overs for dinner and enjoy the rest of this evening with D. I'll post again soon! :D 



  1. You really have an eye for color and creativity! I'll bet you bring that creativity to your teaching, too. I can't wait to hear about your organization and plans for the next semester. Am I looking forward to returning to work? "Meh."

  2. More gorgeous stuff. I am so envious of people that do beadwork. It takes a good eye and steady hands! :)

  3. Just beautiful, Cathryn! So happy you found use out of our bead trade! You definitely have a great talent and a good eye! Way to go, my new found friend!

  4. Lovely as always. I especially like that last one!