Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun--

 In reflection of my gramma's advice, I'm NOT making New Year's Resolutions. I'm making plans complete with measurable goals and outcomes. Action steps will be listed of how to achieve goals. I'm setting budgets to pay off bills. I'm devising my class work so I'm not overloaded to the detriment of my health. I'm getting back to being organized and efficient. I'm organizing my things because clutter serves no purpose other than to drive me completely depressed. I'm getting rid of junk and unused stuff to donate to my favorite charity thrift-store. 

Last night, while at the local grocery store, I began planning a menu for the next week. I ask D if what he thought he would like for dinner for the next three days. This drives him nutzoid because he doesn't think about food that way. *grins at you* Nonetheless, if I want beef broth, I have to make a pot roast first. I then collect the stock left over from the pot roast and use that for dishes that require beef broth. Same with chicken/turkey broth.  It's that food preservative allergy I have that requires this sort of food preparation. So lined up for the rest of the week are our dinners, that include leftovers for simple soups, stews, and stir-fry meals. 

We also picked up a couple of rolling carts for me. There was this sale--buy one get one 50% off. That's a bargain that's very, very hard for me to resist. I could have easily bought several other plastic tubs, drawers, storage totes, and such but I managed to keep it down to a dull roar this time. :D These will help me get my beads and other crafts organized so I can stop using my filing cabinets for junk drawers. That was fine when I didn't have any other place to keep things from the cats--because they love specialties like curling ribbon and stringing materials--but the time for change is upon us. 

So what are your plans for the coming New Year? How will you achieve them? How will you measure success?

From our house to yours--Have a Happy, Prosperous, and Safe New Year! See you on the flip-side!

Lacey to Tilly: You wanna tell Mom about the...
Tilly to Lacey: Shhhhhhh what she doesn't learn now will help all of us...and maybe we can blame it on Ava or Max!  



  1. I'm impressed with your plan! My goals are to be better organized, shop smarter, cherish family time, bead to enjoy rather than to sell, and not let my day job drive me crazy. Bring on the new year~!

  2. I really am a pretty organized person but my goal this year is to be even more organized. It's hard for me to get rid of stuff because I'm always afraid about the time I get rid of it, a need for that thing will come along. It's happened a few times in the past but I've got to ask myself does it really happen often enough to warrant keeping everything? Wishing you a wonderful, prosperous and blessed New Year and decade!

  3. Wonderful post sounds like me in many ways. My issue always seems to be a lack of time to get organized....but then again if I was organized, time wouldn't be an issue would it? It's a nasty cycle.

    You will have success and so will I. I am so focused. Irv just ran to town and he is coming back with the envelopes I will need for the new budget!! Chee Hoo!

    We can and we will my friend!!

  4. Great idea Cathryn! Get organized. NOT. Our creative minds won't let us, that's the problem.
    Everyday I say oh, I have to make this or that. And it hardly happens.
    My New Years idea? Win the lottery! Hah!

  5. I think I AM organized !!!
    Not my problem if those around me disagree.
    I know just what pile each of my things is in ..LOL!!!!
    Finally had time to catch up with blogs...
    Love your tree ! Our tree and rest of our home is custom decorated by "Paws and Claws design teams " too !
    Really enjoy seeing your jewelry designs!
    Love seeing my own beads and those of others in such Lovey "homes"
    wishing you a
    Fabulous and Furry 2010 !
    :) m.e.