Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Tree Survived!

Yes--our poor tree did survive the night without being "catted." D spent several hours untangling lights, branches, and whichever ornaments managed to stay on the tree. He basically had to start from scratch in fixing the tree. I was in the kitchen baking and wrapping or in the office packing--it was better for me not to be around the tree-fixin' party. Trust me.  

 Lacey completely relaxed. Working Christmas trees--
either taking them down or putting them back up is hard and tiring work for this little one!
 The kittens had to try and help. Every time D got a couple of branches up, one of them "helped" him by figuring out how to take them back off the tree. They "helped" to flatten the branches by laying on them. They "helped" D restring the lights by catching the strand and holding it tightly. They just wanted to "help" make it all right again. But the poor things--they were getting told "NO!" and "STOP THAT!" and "NO!STOPTHAT!DON'TDOTHAT!" They even heard "DAMNCATS!!STOP!!ISAIDNO!" *gasps*  We finally put Merlin, Cuddles, and Harley in the bedroom on timeout because they wouldn't stop trying to help him out. 

 The morning after...
Merlin playing Guard Kitty finally! 
 After a short discussion, we decided NOT to redecorate the tree to see if they could handle the idea of having a Christmas tree in the living room--one that's to be looked at and ooohed and ahhhhed over--not to play with. So far it's been good. Playing Christmas music helps too.

So tomorrow--keeping my fingers crossed here--I can take photographs of our treasured ornaments and show them to you. 

Today, I ran some in-town gifts about. Now my head wasn't all there and I forgot to take pictures of the gifts I beaded early this morning, but I didn't forget to take this:

 The flowers and butterfly fairy were created by Mary Ellen at BeetreebyME.
She also does guardian angels and other fairies and lots of different flowers in polymer clay! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me...the tree needs to survive tonight!  


  1. I will do my "save the tree" dance! Love the beautiful jewelry. You've been a busy lady!

  2. Oh I will definitely be thinking some positive thoughts for the survival of the tree!