Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Only An Inch and A Half?

We woke up yesterday morning to an incredible sight. It was as if Christmas fairies sprinkled fairy dust all over the trees. It was beautiful. It was extremely cold. Even though our weather forecaster predicted temperatures in the upper 30s, I doubt it got above 25 degrees all day. D and I looked at each other and headed to the grocery store. We had a storm brewing. We gotta stock up on the essentials: cat foods, bird seed, and possible hot chocolate for him.

 (It's essential for you to understand that while I can't drink that prepackaged, highly processed pure unadulterated crap---have you seen those ingredients? Do you understand what they are? Sorry--I got sidetracked a bit--it's finals week. While I'm on this very necessary health journey, my husband is his own person and has free will. He doesn't have my health issues. If he wants to drink prepackaged, highly processed, pure unadulterated crap--that's his decision. I rest my case. :D)  

 Most of the town was brushed with this magical look. It was incredible.

While our weather forecast stated we would get cold and snow,  it also insisted that we wouldn't get more than an inch to an inch and a half of snow. *blinks then laughs* You can tell in the snapshot above that most of our previous snow had melted. 

Now I know--KNOW--that weather isn't exactly predictable, despite the long way we've supposedly come (baby!). I know there's controversy over climate change and let's not travel over to Climate-gate.  We can say we did--but please--let's NOT go there! I also know that some people--and we aren't mentioning names--believe that what the weatherman predicts SHOULD happen. But I'm not one of them.  This morning the weather forecast kept insisting we would only get less than an inch of new snow accumulation. I wonder where they got those figures from and if they meant the amount on top of the old snow that was mostly melted? 
Nonetheless, you look at the following pictures and tell me if this is considered to be ONLY an inch to an  inch and a half!

 D's shoveling snow at 7 in the morning...
 An hour later, he's helping someone get unstuck on the road.
About an hour later, he's helping someone else get their vehicle moving forward instead of sideways or spinning in the road.
 Neighbors are helping push a truck in the right direction. 
That's not bad photography--it's blowing snow!
 This is my husband shoveling snow again in the afternoon. 

 Now tell me---does that look like a mere inch to an inch and a half of snow?!?!?!?! 


  1. As Mark Twain said, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Or something like that :) Love the snow photos, and it's definitely more than a half-inch.

  2. Ok, I'm cold now. When I see pictures or scenes on tv my body reacts to what those temperatures might be like. Please try to stay warm. What hot drink are you able to warm up with? It is defintely more than 1/2 inch. . .

  3. That's so funny. I was writing about the weather and weather forecasts at work today for blog....they had everyone terrified that we were going to get a foot of snow, then it was less, then more then less and then we ended up with about 5 inches. Whoop-dee-doo....you would think the world was coming to an end. Storm warnings for 6 cheesy inches of snow! What a bunch of crapola! I wanted a foot.....I think maybe you got my snow!