Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Special Time

 I'm usually a morning person. I like to get up just before the sun rises and have that moment to myself. And eleven cats. Let's rephrase that...

I like to get up before the sun rises, put the coffee on, feed the cats, and then have that moment to myself.  It's my time before coffee, before the demands of the day start pinging on my consciousness, before the the deadlines and due dates start hammering at me. It's only a moment or two...I found that taking that time for myself first thing in the morning makes what ever happens later easier to deal with, to cope with--if I have that little piece of time for me. 

Then there are the mornings like today. I taught last night and that usually gets me revved up--high, if you will. Then I can't come down from that in order to get to bed at a decent hour, despite the fact I was exhausted. So it was nearly midnight when I finally got to a point where sleep meant sleep and not tossing and turning. That means I didn't get up until after the sun rose in the east. I had eleven hungry cats demanding food before I set the coffee up. I heard the honking of a car and immediately today's demands crowded into my head. I found myself rushing about like there was a fire I was missing. 

I flipped on my computer; reassured Arby that I wasn't dispensing tummy meds yet; fed Buddy who's taking up temporary residence in our bathroom (until we can find a home for him); stopped to pet Gabby while reminding Harley to watch his water intake; informed Topaz she can go back into the bedroom with D in a minute, and realized that I was already full-bore into the day without my special time.  

And I realized that without my special time, my few minutes to breathe in the day and the joy of living another new day, I was beginning a bad habit of self-destruction. I need that special time. It's the only time that I'm not giving or doing for someone or something else. It was time to reverse myself and take a few minutes out. Sure I missed the sunrise, but I had pictures of other sunrises. I turned off my computer, moved away from the desk, and took a few minutes. 

I needed my time.  

Do you take a special moment or two for yourself? When do you do it? Are you a morning person or do you function better in the afternoon or evening?  



  1. I am definitely not a morning person although I do wake up early some days. However, it takes me usually about 2 hours to really get going and a number of cups of coffee. I really like the night time best. Now that my husband is home all the time I like when he goes to sleep and I can sit and watch TV by myself or knit.

  2. I am so glad you took your time. I'm a morning person too; I get up at least an hour before my husband to feed the pets, check e-mail, package items that have sold, and take advantage of quiet time to begin laying out beads for a new design. Like you, if I miss that time my whole day is out of kilter. Great post.

  3. I'm a morning person except now that I'm retired the morning starts a little later than 4am. I do like my time to get up and around and ease myself into the tasks of the day.

  4. I am 100% a morning person. I get up as early as I can and still have had enough sleep. During the week I get up early enough to be able to get to work, but never have to rush. On the weekends, I still get up early. I don't want to miss even a minute of my day! In the evening I finish up whatever I happen to be working on, read and comment on some blogs, take care of other business "stuff" and then it's off to bed...where I snuggle under the covers with a good book, or a Sudoku puzzle or a magazine. That's "me" time. I love it, I need it and I deserve it. :)

  5. Though I can enjoy and appreciate the rising sun breaking the dark night sky and creating the birth of a new day, I must sorrowfully admit that I am a night person. If it weren't for my hubby I'd probably be vacuuming carpets and moping floors at 1 in the morning. I find I have to force myself to toddle off to bed before midnight. Oddly enough if I do doze off before 11 pm, I find that my brain awakes some time between 4 and 5 am.