Friday, January 29, 2010

What Doesn't He Do?

With the snow storm yesterday, I could on two things happening: 1) My husband would shovel the snow for us and our neighbor, Mrs. C. and 2) He would shovel a path for the feral cats.

This is the first portion he shoveled. It leads from our kitchen porch to the crawlspace underneath, where D spent a portion of last fall making the new hatch, complete with kitty door. It keeps all but the smallest dogs.
 This is the path he shovels from the kitchen porch to the front of our home. He follows the same path that the ferals use when they are traversing from front to back. 
This is the path he shovels for the ferals from the front of the house.... 
 ...All the way to the side of the house where they can find additional food and shelter. And he will continue shoveling this path all day long so the cats have a better chance of traveling through the snow without getting bogged down.
 And this is the food Mrs. C makes for my husband... Did I tell you she adores him? All because he shovels her walk! 
That's her green chile and pinto beans and sopapillas! 


  1. He's a jolly good fellow to do all that shoveling! And the food looks delicious. Of course it does. It's food!

  2. Yuck!! We've gotten snow the last couple of days. That's great Mrs. C and your husband have a good symbiotic relationship LOL.

  3. Such lucky little kitties to have such nice human friends to take care of them. That food looks great!

  4. So nice if Mrs C to make that food for him. Just the thing he needs to warm up with! Those sopapillas look SO good!