Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Fresh Start For Hope

 This morning's sunrise...

Like most mixed households, we have those who just cannot get along no matter what. There's squabbles and disagreements over the littlest of things. There are grudges that are held tightly and caressed daily--until the original emotions have been magnified a hundredfold. We even have days of name-calling and trash-talking and constant insults flying from potty mouths. The worst days are the slapping--both verbally and physically. 

Take Ava and Gabby. Both are sweet girls. Both are loving. Both have unique characteristics that make them precious to us. Until they happen to notice each other in the same room. Occupying the same square footage. Breathing the same air.

This happens daily. They don't get along. Period. End of story. 

Ava chases Gabby with the intent to kill her. I've seen Ava stalk after Gabby. After all, in Ava's mind--Gabby is the intruder. It doesn't matter that Max and the Four Rascals came AFTER Gabby.  Ava LIKES Max and the Four Rascals. She does not like Gabby. Period. End of story. 

My hypothesis (because it's not been tested or proven, it's not a theory) states that Ava doesn't like Gabby because of Merlin. Merlin befriended Gabby when she was little and comes to her defense almost all the time. He comes running from seemingly nowhere to defend and protect if Gabby screams. He is better protecting and defending Gabby and the Four Rascals than than Homeland Security.   

In turn, Gabby  is afraid of Ava. She hasn't figured out that if she fights back and defends herself, Ava will back off. Instead, she goes after Topaz. Under the guise of wanting to play with her. Uh huh--and if you believe that one, we have a never-ending spring to sell you. 

It's a vicious circle. Ava attacks Gabby. Gabby attacks Topaz. Topaz gets upset and attacks Ava. And sometimes it pulls in the other cats so every one of them are bickering, slapping, insulting, and trash talking all day long. It's enough to make cat people pull their hair out---or move just to get away from them. Reminds me of children actually.   

Then last night I saw a first. I hurried and grabbed the camera to capture this Kodak moment on the digital memory card.  

 Who's sharing Mom's computer chair with Gabby???

Why it's Miss Ava! 

 So here's to a fresh start in hope. Hope for our home in becoming peaceful. After all, if these two can share the same chair, then there's hope that our world leaders can work together. :D


  1. Maybe you should send that picture to the congress. I think they could learn a thing or two as well LOL.

  2. I love the first paragraph. =)

    So glad that peace is creeping in to your home.

  3. How cute! Surely Ava and Gabby can teach humans a thing or two about respect, compromise, and the beauty of a peaceful existence.

  4. Maybe they both made a New Years resolution to get along. Fantastic!

  5. Oh my gosh I love it and totally understand. I remember when we had the three cats. Someone was always bickering! Love the pictures!

  6. Omigosh. For a sec I thought you were talking about HUMAN children. Then I remembered that you have no HUMAN children. LOL! LOL!