Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Crazy Cat Lady

Hello...My name is Cathryn and I'm that Crazy Cat Lady down the street from you. You know the one--the one with all the cats inside and outside of the house? Yes, that would be me. Even worse, I know the entire history of each of the cats, down to their familial lines on more than half of them and how they came into being as part of MY FAMILY. I can tell you the complete medical history of each cat. I have a filing drawer dedicated to their vet bills. I can show you receipts of how much we spend in cat foods per week. 

Those are just a few of the characteristics that distinguish me from people who hoard animals. There's one more attribute that keeps me from being a hoarder. I make catghans for my fur-kids. 

*lifts a brow* And you are now thinking that I'm truly crazy, huh? Well...some people make afghans for their babies or their grand babies. And some people make afghans for their newborn family members like nieces and nephews and cousin's children and the like.  Right?  I make catghans
which are simply smaller afghans for kitties. 
It all started when I wanted to get back into my crocheting years ago. I was practicing on some old yarn and Ava kept laying close by me or laying on the piece.  She gravitates to aquas and soft blues and she just loved this piece that I was using as a way to get my hand back into one of the crafts I love. So I just completed it for her. She loves her afghan and gets upset if another cat uses her catghan for a curl-up and nap. 
And that led me to crocheting an catghan for Arby. Arby loves purples and darker blues. So this left over yarn was perfect for her. As you can see, Arby loves her 'ghan.  
Naturally, I couldn't leave out Chile. She needed a pretty catghan like her other "sisters." Chile is always sniffing the flowers in the garden or those that bloom indoors. I chose a rosey-pink and green verigated yarn for her.
Gabby loves her bright and bold catghan. She'll even share it with the Little Rascals, because she's pretty cool that way.
 Merlin is showing off his catghan, complete with a grin. He actually volunteered for this "assignment" while I had to sneak up on the others. 

I still need to get pictures of Topaz and Max with their catghans. And I was informed yesterday that the Little Rascals need their catghans made. I'm going to look through my yarn stash this week and see if anything resonates with any of them. 

And in case you're wondering, we buy acrylic fleece blankets for the feral cats. They are warmer and easier to wash. Since our feral colony changes, it was easier to use the "fleeces" (as we call them) for the wild, untamed kitties. 

What crazy things do you do for your fur-kids?  



  1. These are too cute! Have you thought about selling some on Etsy? Our cat Velvet has a ragged old white blanket she loves. Sophie will sleep on anything, anywhere!

  2. Now how cute are those -- pretty cute.

  3. I am sure people think you are the crazy cat lady - but don't we know better? You have such a big heart.

  4. Cute Cathryn! I like Cherin's idea of selling on Etsy.
    My dog owns too many soft blankies. His favorite one is pink that my daughter gave him when he was a pup. When we take it to wash it, he throws a fit at us!

  5. That is so cute! We have dogs and I'm not sure I do anything unusual for them. My little toy fox terrier loves it when I bring fresh ones up from the dryer. This morning I brought up the couch cover and she thought it was a warm blankie for her and kept trying to get under it when I was struggling to get it on the couch! Animals are so funny!

  6. Mr. Dumbles loves making biscuits on fleece blankets. I make sure there is one in the living room and one on our bed for him.