Monday, February 1, 2010

More Catghans

I was able to convince Max to let me take his picture. He's scared of that THING in my face. The camera? For some reason, it scares him silly. So it takes some doing to get his picture without the Anxious/Worried/Egads--Mom is going to do something scary look. But here he is--in all his glory on his catghan!
Topaz finally came out of her closet and reluctantly agree to pose. I really don't like this new camera. Her pictures came out fuzzy. It's a point-n-shoot so everything is automatic--whether I want it to be or not. My old camera allowed me to set the F-stop and set the focus. Anyway--I chose the least fuzzy picture so you can see her catghan. 

If you're wondering about the colors, Topaz likes the pink colors. She chose the pink food dish and claimed it hers. She's bold and sassy that way. Yes, cats can distinguish between colors. 
Lacey is really wanting one of her own. In fact, she pretty much likes Max's or Merlin's catghans--especially when she can bunch them up under her head. Sweet, sweet, Lacey.

Yesterday afternoon, I hauled out some of my yarn stashes and the only who reacted to anything I have on hand was Cuddles. The yarn she attacked--meaning she liked it because she wouldn't let it go--was one labeled as Dark Fuchsia.   Yep--she seems to like the pinks too. I'm thinking they really don't care--they just want something that's soft and kneadable!

For all of you who have four-legged friends--please give them a head rub, a pet, a hug from me!


  1. So cute! I wish I were cuddled up on a catghan right now.

  2. So true! I have three dishes for my cats, two green ones and one pink one. They'll eat out of the green ones if I'm not around, but if I am they'll ask for more food when both the green dishes are full and only the pink one's empty.

  3. They are just so cute and I will gladly pass on a little love to our crew from you! :)