Sunday, February 21, 2010

First, I slept in this morning and I feel sooooooooooooo much better! I don't sleep in that often but after the week I had, I needed the extra z's. I missed my sunrise but I really enjoyed sleeping in!

Second, to answer some questions that appeared on my blog comments yesterday. Normally, I do cook up enough on the weekends to last through the week. I know my schedule is crazy at times, especially with my teaching 4 nights a week. That schedule demands lots of pre-planning and implementation to keep relatively sane. Part of that planning is making enough food to cover those nights when I can't cook. But this week, we ran short for some reason...

D will usually pitch in and cook up something "safe" as he calls it. Unfortunately it was one of those weeks where he was busy at the lab. This week, by the time he's gotten home, I'm deep into teaching forcing us to send hand signals and body gestures to each other as a means of communication. 

D: Lifts his brows sends a quizzical look: 
Translation: Who needs to be fed?
Me: Pointing here, there, and somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen.
Translation: I fed these bottomless pits, the back porch kitties, and Buddy on the front porch. 
 Me: Lifts the brow, sends quizzical look and chin points in the direction of the front door.
Translation: How did it go today at the lab? 
D: Frowns and shakes his head and gestures vaguely.
Translation: Don't ask...The machine is still giving us problems. I'll tell you later. 

Last night, I could tell I was starting to feel better when I made us stop watching "The Accidental Husband" to make oatmeal-blueberry cookies for my husband. Ok--I confess--they were for me too. Something about feeling better inspires me to bake cookies. I don't know why but when I feel good, I want to bake cookies. Or cook up a storm. And I feel like cooking today--black bean chile for dinner either tonight or tomorrow. I think I'll also go ahead and cook up some chicken as well. I'm running low on chicken broth. Then I can make chicken soup or chicken and dumplings or chicken casserole later.

Which reminds me...We are running out of green chile! I have only three small containers left! How can that be?!?!? We ate it of course. Chile season isn't until July-August so I'm really feeling desperate here. *sighs* I guess this summer, I'll have to roast about 60 lbs of chile so it lasts us through the next season. I already know we aren't going to lower our consumption of green chile--that's like asking us to cut off our right arms. It's not gonna happen--ya' hear? 

I'm rambling. Which means I'm needing another cup of coffee and some exercise. There's another winter storm brewing on the horizon. I see the storm clouds are already rolling in overhead. That's another reason I want to cook. In case the power goes out and we have to drag out the camping stove to heat things up. I want simple meals that can heat up easily. 

What do you do to prepare for another visit of Old Man Winter?

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  1. I am so happy you're feeling better! Rest is an amazing cure for what ails anyone. The black bean chili is making my tastebuds go crazy. And I hope this will be your last storm. We have such a pretty day today, with rain tomorrow. Tonight we're having French onion soup and French dip sandwiches. If only we were in France!

  2. I am making a big pot of homemade chicken soup today. We don't have another storm coming here in NC thank goodness. I am so tired of snow days I don't know what to do. We just close down here because we have no idea how to handle the white stuff.

  3. Well, they changed our storm warning to only 6-8 inches, so now I know I will be having to head to work tomorrow. I was hoping if we were going to get a BIG one, that it be a REALLY BIG one. No such luck. I don't do anything to prepare for the weather unless it were something dreadful...this is just winter in Illinois.

    Right now I'm in my workshop creating some awesome totes and a new little item.

  4. Hi Cathryn: Glad you are better. I slept in as well both days and am feeling somewhat more sane. El Paso is predicted to have some rain/snow combo on Tuesday! I usually make some kind of casserole or soupy/stewy thing. I love couscous when it is cold.

    Take care, have a good week

  5. Cathryn - love the hand signals. We do that too!
    ~ Marianne (VioletUnderground)

  6. Again a lovely story! I think you should be a writer! You have the knack of telling a great story. Loved it!

  7. Complain and immerse myself in denial. And yes, bake - it is indeed a happy thing to bake.

  8. My husband and I have been married so long we pretty much know what one another is thinking so I totally understand the hand signals.

    Your cookies sound wonderful. Care to share the recipe?