Saturday, February 20, 2010

His Other Wife...

This week has been an exhausting one for me. I'm more tired than normal and I know that it directly ties with my health issues. I've also been working 10 hours a day to keep on the grading and helping students as well as teaching. 

Normally, I rejoice on Fridays because it means I can relax a bit, maybe get some baking or special cooking in, do some household chores that need attending to. If I'm really up to speed, I can spend sometime beading--my favorite crafting passion. Yesterday--I could barely answer my emails, read my favorite blogs and comment on them, and think about housework or cooking. I took two naps which helped me for a couple of hours but didn't make a dent into my exhaustion. 

By the time D came home from work, I was washing the backload of dishes that had accumulated in front of me somehow over the past two days. Have you had those days? You just can't seem to get to the dishes or the laundry or some other necessary chore...and it simply stares at you. 

It gets freaky how inanimate objects can STARE at you. Right in the eye. Some people can look right back at them and aren't bothered by THE STARE. They can look right at that 10 meal pile-up in both kitchen sinks, with messes on every countertop and not be bothered. In fact, I've witnessed those same people give me a funny look (the kind that says I'm totally nutziod) and ask me, "What dishes?!?!??!" 

Me? I get the heeby-jeebies and realize I'm neglecting them. Then I feel all kinds of guilt that I haven't done my dishes (or laundry or some other chore).  I start feeling my OCD/Anal Retentive Cathryn struggling to break free to come "help" me in my chores. You know the OCD/Anal Retentive parts in some of us that just can't stand to see a mess anywhere? We are the people whom those who can live in comfortable chaos cannot absolutely stand. I know this because several of my friends get really het up if I try to help them tidy up a bit. 

Anyway--I was trying to get the dishes done when D came home.  My husband is a great man who is full of kindness and generosity. He pitched right in to help me finish up the dishes. After we got that chore taken care (along with feeding hordes of hungry felines) I couldn't go on any more. I had to sit down. Rest awhile. Gather up my strength to cook dinner. The longer I sat, the more I just couldn't get the oomph up to go cook even a simple meal. 

Now--if you have been reading my silly little bits and pieces, you might realize that for me--because of my health issues--I have to cook many of meals from scratch. No opening a box or a can or a frozen food item for me.  Since I had eaten all my left overs this week already, the larder was pretty bare. 

That's when I informed my dear husband that he needed to have "his other wife" cook us supper. The "other me" that wasn't exhausted or busy teaching or up to her eyeballs in student needs. We settled on hamburger patties on George (Foreman Grill) and homemade biscuits;  twenty minutes from start to finish. 

What do you do when you're too tired to cook? 

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  1. You really need to try and relax more. I'm worried about you. I have that OCD/Anal retentive thing but not for housework LOL. When I don't feel like cooking, I usually just send my husband out to pick something up. Or else sometimes he cooks something, he is a very good cook.

  2. With our schedules my spouse and I don't eat at the same time during the week. On the weekends I usually make a casserole or pot of soup that we can warm up on weeknights. If I had to cook every night I couldn't do it. Can you make a batch of your meals on the weekend and freeze for later? Rest dear, rest.

  3. I hope you are feeling better.

    When I don't feel like cooking which is every day because I hate the kitchen.....Irv cooks. :)

  4. If I don't feel like cooking we go out. That get's expensive so I am trying to plan better.

    I have that OCD thing too. I'm not crazy about the housework, but it does get to me. My students drive me batty when they migrate their desks. Don't they know those desk have to be in a straight line?!

    Hope you get caught up on your rest.

  5. I love cooking, but once in a while it just can't happen. Three options. 1) Frozen Pizza (which doesn't sound like an option for you) 2) Husband cooks 3)Eat leftovers - this will happen today, as I made a huge pot of coq au vin (redwine chicken) last night and we still have some. I have the recipe if you's like it - really simple. Even husbands can cook it. ;-) And oh, I blogged about you.

  6. I try to keep plenty of easy to re-purpose leftovers and quick-fix ingredients on hand.
    When I really don't want to lift a finger
    or ...I'm too busy lifting my fingers in polymer clay to cook .
    I ask "dearest darling hubby" to "pleaseeee" bring home pizza.
    I like to think if we get lots of veges on it,it qualifies as a healthy dinner ! LOL!
    :) m.e.