Thursday, February 25, 2010

In The Paper...

You all remember Buddy don't you? He's the stray cat (not feral) that Java brought to us last July? He was skinny, road-worn and had a bad tooth. He moved in after Java was killed in a hit-n-run. We got him neutered, vaccinated, and had his bad tooth extracted. Then we discovered the reason he was so skinny...he had stomatitis. That meant he needed antibiotics and probably the rest of his life. 

Yesterday my neighbor needed to walk to her bank, so I went with her. On our lickety-split lightening fast trek down to the bank, she told me that our kitties and our birds were in the paper. When we got her back home, she showed me. 

So here is our famous boy in all his glory.


  1. Woo Hoo! Is Buddy giving out autographs?

  2. Hi Cathryn: I caught up with my blog stuff tonight. Your chile recipe, yummy sounding. I hear the weekend calling me.

    Your cats are amazing!! I love the earring giveaway. You have mad talent, woman!

    Gotta dash. Thanks for all your encouragement and kind words. We are waiting for rain here on Sunday. Stay warm.

  3. I love all your cats! I live in an apartment so I can only have one, I think that is why he is sp spoiled and opinionated, and very talkative, always has to have the last word.......just wanted to say thank you for the kind comments on my cab! it was my first try at doing a netted bezel

  4. What a priceless photo, and you didn't even know you had a celebrity in your midst. :)
    Glad Buddy is in such good care, guess his guardian angel lead him straight to you.
    Thank you for all the lovely words of encouragement that you've posted on my blog...I relayed all the well wishes on to my hubby, think he was rather touched that people he has never met would wish him a speedy recovery. Blogdom is a most amazing place with a very special kinship that we embrace with one another.

  5. It is so nice to see people caring for the little forgotten creatures, you are soooo special. Thank you for your sweet words you left on my blog. It has been a painful goodbye but one I know was necessary. I am really not so sure what I am going to be doing with my Etsy store yet. My hubby thinks I just need some time right now while I am getting better. You never know, i may resurface in the near future just in a smaller way. I truly appreciate your support and the wonderful interaction as well. I count you amoung my wonderful internet buddies!!! Hugs

  6. That is so cool!! My DH asked his big black cat, Flash, to leave the birds alone, so he does! And Flash is teaching Samuel Thomas, the stray that wandered up and became part of our family, to do the same...Samuel caught a dove and killed it, and Flash ran over to him and beat him up, took the bird away, and brought it to us. Since then, we leave a self-feeder out for the both of them, when they are outside, as Samuel has food issues (he was really skinny, vocal and sure there was not enough). As it is cold as can be here in the NC mountains, neither is getting fat, but both are happy to see it when they stay outside for the day! Aren't our four-legged kids the best?!