Saturday, February 27, 2010

Before It Comes...


That's what the headlines said under the Special Weather Statement this morning. *sighs* I'm going walking today before it comes. I've decided I really need to find time to clear out some space in the office for the aerobic rider we have and the treadmill I would like to have for the days I can't get outside. Like those mornings that are still dark at 6:30AM...or those mornings where it's simply too cold...or snowy...or wet. Or those mornings I'm simply too tired or lazy to actually get out of my jammies so I don't scare other early morning risers and cause a local panic that brings the National Guard. That would certainly ruin just about everyone's day--especially mine. Could you imagine how off schedule I'd be then?!?!?!

D asked me the other day how many posts have I written for this blog. I told him that I didn't know offhand. So we both went exploring and saw that I was coming up on my 100th post. I started this blog back in October of last year so I'm rather amazed how far I've come. I didn't think this blog would catch anyone's attention, but that's only because I didn't realize how many wonderful people exist. 

Then out of curiosity, I wanted to see who my first commenters/readers were. It meant going back to the first few days I was blogging but to my delightful surprise, it was An Oklahoma Granny.  Granny takes us on tours around Oklahoma, brags about her grandsons' racing conquests (they are wonderful young men), and blesses us with recipes. She also shares her family, which include her amazing husband, the dogs, and her children.  Granny provides me with puppy fixes by sharing her canine family. She has been a faithful reader of this blog and comments on nearly every post. Thank you for being the first one, Granny!

ChileCats' second reader/commenter was Joan from Teaching Isn't For Wimps. She's multi-talented because besides teaching, she raises her family, manages a pair of famous Corgis, Chloe and Zoe, loves Tater and Mr. Dumbles (they're the felines of the family) and runs the blog, Notes From Oklahoma.  I love the puppy fixes from the Corgi Sisters! Thank you Joan for stopping by my place as much as you do!

Kathy from Four Dog Day drops in for a visit daily. She's a talented lady who not only holds down a full-time job, enjoys her family, and provides puppy fixes through her dogs, she also owns a fascinating shop. On top of that, she and I are on similar lifestyle paths, trying to improve our lives in the best way we know how or that we can do through research. I'll confess that Kathy is really ahead of the game in this, but I love her encouragement. Thank you Kathy for visiting daily!

Cherin of LanyardLady fame graces this blog with her daily presence as well. Cherin stops by for a glass of tea as she passes through Blogdom. She and I can have a quiet moment watching the sun set or get all excited over the latest beads or beaded creation. And believe me--we get excited over a pair of giggly school girls who have talked to their favorite rock or movie star. Especially over Terri Stone's beads.  Cherin combines practicality with creativity with her lanyards.Thank you, Cherin, for being such a delightful visitor!

Speaking of her beads, Terri is another faithful reader and has been since this blog's inception. She was my very first reader in Blogdom. We began our journey into friendship through her beads. I would "convo" her stories about the cats.  Terri encouraged me to start blogging. (She's encouraging me to start selling my work but that's a completely different story!) So I plunged into Blogdom and began. I would have never started without her encouragement and her support. Terri--thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The other two people in my life who have also been reading this blog since the beginning are my son and my best friend, JoAnn--a former classmate. They have been reading this blog, looking at my pictures and recipes and give me constructive advice. I thank you both with love.  

Each of you have brought me joy and happiness and peace. I thank you all for being such wonderful neighbors and friends. Without your gentle support, loving comments, I might have not continued. So this first bloom of spring is for you! May each of your blogs (and shops) bloom as beautiful as you.


  1. Blogdom wouldn't be the same without you! I also know how much you and your husband mean to the kitties around your place. Blessings to you my compassionate friend.

    BTW - I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was the 1st to make a comment on your blog. Thank you so much for your kinds words about mine.

  2. You are such a special blogger Cathryn! Keep it up. I love checking in with you, even though I'm a newcomer. Peace.

  3. You are so sweet! I wouldn't miss your blog every day with tales about the kitties, Southwest recipes, and thoughtful insight into so many topics. And, oh yeah, there's the bead thing! You're a special blog friend, Cathryn!

  4. I think I started last October too! You definitely have me beat for posts, though, I'm sure.

  5. are too sweet my friend. I look forward to reading your blog each and every day to see where your life journey is taking you. I know I will get a kitty one of these days and that will be because of you and your beautiful kitty pictures and kitty stories. There was void in my life until I started blogging. It's been an outlet for me to write...and that is something I've always enjoyed....but reading blogs like yours and making so many wonderful new friends has been the very best reward!

  6. Love the light and shadow on this cactus flower- and you perfectly picked up the softness of the bloom! Great shot!