Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Cherin, also known as The LanyardLady, presented me the Sunshine Award yesterday.  This award is given to "bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world." I am truly thankful and humbled by this declaration from my friend. Thank you Cherin! 

If you haven't been to The LanyardLady's blog, you should take a peek. Cherin's style of writing is both witty and funny and she often makes me me laugh. She also makes some really stunning lanyards that are pieces of wearable art!

Call it coincidence if you will, but I was just mentioning to my husband that I needed an award to pass out to those bloggers who brighten my day with their creativity--whether it be with words, crafts, or how they face life. So in the best of traditions...I pass this wonderful award onto:

AAA1 Quality Blog, Ltd.
Nicki's Reef 
Notes from Oklahoma
Tins and Treasures
Welcome to My World!

I really want to express my gratitude to all you readers. I know many of you read the blog. I'm grateful that you take the time to come visit my place, leave a comment, add to the post with your own experiences, or just sit quietly over there. I thank you all because this wouldn't be as much fun without you. 

So drop by any time and sit for a spell. Don't mind the cat fur--it does come off! And don't mind the cats--they'll observe you from across the room before coming over to make your acquaintance! 


  1. Oh Cathryn, this makes me so happy. Thanks a lot. What an honour. But I can just give the compliments back - your blog would get my sunshine award if you would not already have gotton it. Thank you.
    Oh and I will also enter you to my giveaway.

  2. Congrats on the award! You so deserve it.

  3. Cathryn, you have totally made my day today. School was crazy and it was so nice to log on and find this award from you. Thank you!
    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  4. Cathryn, thank you for visiting my blog.....and for your kind words, it makes it worth while to know someone actually looks at what I do now and then! my work sure doesn't compare to most of the others work I have seen while visiting blogs.......most of the time I am embarrassed to even add pics of it, since it usually doesn't seem up to par with all that is out here to look at

  5. Congrats on the award. You certainly deserve it. Your log is wonderful!

  6. Well thank you so much! I have to say that finding you in the vast sea of internet has definitely been a highlight for me.