Friday, February 5, 2010

The Storm

 8AM February 3, 2010  
9AM February 3, 2010
10AM February 3, 2010 
11AM February 3, 2010 
5PM February 3, 2010
7AM February 4, 2010 

We're supposed to get hit with another storm this weekend. May be it will be a lot milder than this one. 
Stay safe, stay warm, stay toasty! 


  1. great photos! we're getting snow, sleet and rain right now. a colossal mess. the thought of your green chile casserole is keeping me warm!

  2. At least it's on the weekend, which would be a good thing. We might get hit too or not LOL. We are supposed to get snow but I think our area is not the direct hit only 1-3 inches. We'll see. Stay warm and safe.

  3. It's way overcast here and drizzly. They say we could see a bit of snow tonight and then again late Sunday and into Monday.

  4. Yikes! We only got a few flurries today. Maybe more on Monday. Glad I don't live in DC today.