Thursday, February 18, 2010

They Are Like Children...

My husband and I spend some of our hard-earned cash on toys for the kiddos--just like any other parent does. Yes--I know our "kiddos" are four-legged rather than the typical two-legged type, but nonetheless, they're our kids. And like good parents, we try to get them decent toys to expand their education, burn off excess energy, and socialize them so they fit in with the social standards of today. That's what toys are designed to do. 

So their toy box looks like most toy boxes--jumbled and a mess. There's no rhyme or reason to their toy box. Here's an example.
And here are the kiddos, complaining they are bored and have nothing to do! 

Look at this...Gabby's being sweet to Harley. 
So like any other parent who has bored kiddos on their hands, D tries to find something for them to do. He's quite the clever man when it comes to being creative with duct tape.
So with a couple of the canned catfood flats and some duct tape, he creates a new toy for them.
 You can see Lacey and Tilly checking out the "new toy."
 When Gabby joins in, Tilly gets upset. Like any other kid. Suddenly I hear, "You have the other one--this one's ours!"

Lacey likes the tried and true forms of entertainment.

Cuddles figures out how to play with the new toy and demonstrates how to use it. 

Gabby takes charge and completes the play mission successfully. 

Those toys are OLD Mom!


  1. They really are like kids. All those toys and nothing to play with LOL. But they are cute so I guess it doesn't matter.

  2. Cathryn, I just LOVE this post. How they all sit around together and watch what's going on. Looks like a tea party. This is so sweet. Thanks for making me smile.

  3. This is great. I bet you're happy when they all go down for a nap!

  4. What an awesome post....I want a kitty so bad Cathryn. Man when I see all of yours it makes me miss mine so much. One of these days.....

  5. Duct tape fixes everything - at least that's my husband's motto.

  6. Wow, talk about a toy box filled with toys! Your kitties are in kitty heaven.