Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yesterday, I realized that I was going to have to re-evaluate my life just a bit more. It seems like I'm constantly "re-evaluating my life just a bit" these days. It seems getting up before sunrise is not going to happen the mornings after I teach at night. I can't do it. As much as I love getting up that early, watching the sun rise out of the night's darkness to light up my world, I'm going to have to reserve that habit for the other days. 

Yesterday, I was so exhausted and couldn't seem to get my mind and my body energized to work on housework. I figured I'd better get a head start on next year's holiday gifts, but that didn't happen either.  Instead, I read a few chapters of the novel my husband got me for Christmas. It's a sci-fi fantasy by Patrick Rothfuss called "The Name of the Wind." I've been reading it chapter by chapter instead of in one or two sittings as usual. It's very good and I'm glad I'm taking my time through this book. Yesterday was a good day to read. 

Then I decided I needed to do something else for me. So I looked through my beads and settled on one or two sets that I've had and began.
 This is going to be one of my favorites, I can tell already. If Terri had more of these, I'd snatch them up and make one of those long necklaces to go with it. 

 I've had these beads for a long time. It was time they quit sitting in the case, looking pretty. It was time they did what they were created to do--become a part of a jewelry ensemble.  

The other thing I did yesterday was scope out cookie recipes. I decided I wanted to send out Easter/Spring cookies this year. You know what that means---I have to test them out before I bake them up. I'm looking at lemon cookies, lime cookies, and orange cookies. I found a great recipe for making thin mint cookies--not that I could eat them, of course, but I can make them for the choco-holics in my life. :D 

I also have been bombarded with requests for more of my German Chocolate cakes that I baked for a few lucky recipients over the holidays. I'm rather surprised since all I did was follow the recipe on the box of German Chocolate. So I'm looking for a good German Chocolate cookie recipe that doesn't involve a boxed cake mix. If you have one, I'd be grateful! 



  1. I can relate, Cathryn! Every day is a re-evaluation day for me :) I just love your jewelry and am glad you answered the call of the muse. It's wonderful to be flexible and take each day as it comes, sometimes.

  2. The lemon, lime and orange cookies sound so refreshing especially for spring. If you find a good German chocolate cookies recipe I'd sure love it if you'd share. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  3. Love the jewelry. Very, very nice. I love cookies and cake, but I don't like to bake. I would like to have my own personal chef. :)

  4. The jewelry is very pretty. You have a good eye. =)

  5. Love the jewelry Cathryn! I remember the round beads when I made them. They reminded me of stained glass. Keep creating, you have a creative eye!

  6. Oh yay! I love to see other people procrastinating chores by making jewelry! I don't feel so alone! :)