Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's Your Color?

I'm fighting off a sinus cold that struck rather quickly. I swear it's all the dust I've been breathing in since I started this cleaning phase of my New Year's Plan. I'm blaming it on deciding to do the DVD reorganization. It makes me feel better to blame on the chore I hate the most. Doesn't do much for the cold but still...

Update on THAT topic: D and I decided that since we had so many DVDs, despite having cleared out about 50 or so duplicates, no longer wanteds, and full-screen versions, we needed a better place to store them. Because I guarantee that we won't stop buying movies when they are on sale or quit telling friends and relatives that we don't want any more. *looks up and whistles tunelessly* I know us. So we decided to make a better place to store the horde rather than have them scattered all over the place. 

What does this mean? It means running into Santa Fe or Albuquerque to Lowe's or Home Depot to get the lumber needed to build our seven foot DVD rack. Yes--I did not mistype that--a 7 foot tall DVD shelf.  It also means turning the credenza into a place to hold the stereo and other electronic home entertainment pieces so Gabby can't punch a button and slide a DVD or CD out in mid-movie or mid-song. She likes to do that. I often find the DVD player on when I get up  in the morning with the tray out.  But if we store those gadgets inside the credenza, then she can't get the doors opened and we don't have to worry about whether she's turned on the power and eject buttons. 

So that's where we are...I'm still up to the R's.  The others have been neatly packed until we can get this shelving unit built.

This morning--with my head congested, my eyes and sinuses itching, and my nosing running like some leaky faucet, I lazily perused some sites. I visited my favorite blogs, sent a convo to a friend, answered a couple of emails, and discovered what's been missing in my life.


Have you heard of it? I went to the website and found that my birth color (as opposed to my favorite color which is deep purple) is Green Spruce. According to the site people born on my birthdate are "sensual and alluring, and people are drawn to [sic] them." Really?
It says, "You need creative outlets to express yourself so life doesn't become too dramatic. There are times you may have to face a lot of responsibilities. Some of these can be overwhelming if you do not have a secure foundation and a strong spiritual connection. ...Green Spruce reminds you to share your talents so you feel useful and productive." 

Interesting.  I'm really not a green person at all. And I never thought of myself as being a Spruce Green person. I reading further, it says that I'm "Emotional, Prophetic, Mystical." I am emotional but I don't know about prophetic or mystical...Still it was fun discovering my personal birth color. 

What's your birth color? Does it different from your absolute favorite color? 


  1. Hmmm...I'm a muted clay. Kind of depressing isn't it? Never thought I was either muted or clay-ish. Although I do like quiet and I do like clay beads!

  2. I checked and according to Colorstrology my birth color is Sea Fog - kind of a grayish-lavendar? Not too keen on it but it could be worse I suppose. My favorite color is blue, pretty much any shade of blue. The description that is gave for me is fairly accurate except for this one sentence, "People are attracted to you and listen to your point of view." I'm just not thinking that's me. And the listening to my point of view - my kids would get a huge laugh out of that one! LOL!

  3. That is an awesome website. My color is Heather. It says that I am Realistic, Serious and Funny. Not sure if that is how people see me, but it had some very accurate things to say. I read my daughter hers and hers was right on. The only thing we laughed about is that her color is an orange color and she HATES orange. She works for a company called Tangerine and the walls in their office are orange. She said she couldn't be any more surrounded by orange than she already is and it doesn't seem to be helping!! HAHA! Thanks Cathryn that was fun.

  4. Interesting! I am very intrigued by the colorstrology!! I'll have to check it out! :)

  5. I'm baja blue! Yay! I can't tell you how many times I have written about being drawn to blue, very cool, very reassuring! thanks for sharing!