Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Got To Be Done

 Yesterday, I was in a cleaning mood. Good thing too because my house needs it. So I made the necessary phone calls to distant relatives and then put on my music. I love to listen, sing, and boogy to music when I'm cleaning house. It makes the chore go faster. I started out with a little of bit of Alice Cooper, moved over to John Mellencamp and then crooned with Luther Vandross, and ended with Meredith Brooks. 

But my cleaning mode dipped further than I meant it to. Before I realized it, I started doing my "spring cleaning" of the cabinets--taking everything out, wiping them down, and reorganizing the contents. I tossed out anything that was expired, broken, no longer used or just plain ucky. I separated those things that were still in good condition to give to our favorite charity thrift store. I didn't get very far in cleaning the kitchen, but the refrigerator's sides and back are clean, the spice and baking cabinets are neat and organized, and I found things I've been missing. 

At first, I told myself it's a bit early for SPRING cleaning since it's just past midwinter. Then I realized that when the time for spring cleaning comes, I'm going to be up to my neck in grading papers and not have any time to do this. It was an easy enough decision to just go with the flow.  I only got part of the kitchen done, but should finish it easily enough this morning and move into the bathroom for some major scrubbing. I also realized that I only have a week or two to go before I start teaching on Saturday mornings so this is the time. It also keeps me out of D's way while he's working on our DVD rack. :D 

When do you do your "spring cleaning?" Do you listen to music when you get going? What do you listen to? 


  1. Good for you! Just like beading, when the cleaning muse sits on your shoulder that's the time to respond! I clean year-round whenever I'm in the right frame of mind...not often enough! And yes, music makes everything more fun! I listen to classic rock, bluegrass, Celtic, and classical. There's not much music I don't like. Clean on!

  2. Your cupboards look great. I find that I like to do things that people can't see but I know they are done. I don't have a spring cleaning schedule, I do it when the mood strikes me which isn't very often. My husband is cramping my cleaning somewhat since he's been retired. I used to turn the TV on, clean a little, then TV, clean etc. It seems kinda silly now with him watching LOL.

  3. Wow! Even when my cabinets are cleaned they don't look like that one! Nice job!

    I always have music on when I clean, when I'm working in my shop....I love noise. Right now I am so hooked on Adam Lambert's CD For Your Entertainment. I am listening to it over and over and over again. If I ever get tired of it I will be listening to Dave Matthews Band....after that it would be an oldies station on the radio or Aubrey Holman's CD called Make Me Realize....that's Angela's husband from Pickles on Pizza. It's a great CD!

    I love music....and noise.

  4. I don't really have a spring cleaning schedule. I pretty muchh doe things when they need done. As far as music goes I mostly listen to country and classic rock although I do like most kinds of music - except Rap and the really loud stuff the teenagers are listening to nowadays.