Saturday, January 30, 2010


What a week! Please--I'm begging the forces that guide the universe---Let's not do this again any time soon! 

Arby is doing so much better on the change of medication. She's eating again and the acid burns (from acid reflux) in her mouth have shrunk. She's not fighting us as hard to give her the half pill twice a day. That, My Friends, is a good thing! A very good thing!
 We had snow. It's melting off and will most likely be gone by Monday. Because of the cold weather,, I used a recipe from Pioneer Woman. I made chicken and noodles--complete with homemade noodles. It's a good thing I learned how to make them--Mr. Big Box Store quit carrying my brand of noodles that were made from unenriched, unbleached flour. I guess they really don't want people to eat well at all. 

I also received a spring bulb catalog this week so I'm dreaming of spring flowers already.  I'm wondering how many of my tulips, daffodils, and miniature irises survived and will bloom. I'm so ready to dig in the dirt and plant some blooming, colorful plants again. 
Have I told you that I like simplicity? I'm not into complicated bits and pieces at all. A blogger friend is hosting her very first giveaway. LisbonSky has some fabulous jewelry in her Etsy store. And I'm telling you about it because it's SIMPLE. Visit her Etsy store, choose your favorite piece and tell her why it's your favorite piece on her blog. None of this do this--do that--do this--one more time--and don't forget to do that--type of giveaway. Simple works for me!

Speaking of giveaways, Terri Stone of TLSClayDesign is only 37 sales away from hitting 1000th sale!  THIRTY SEVEN! Wooooooooohoooooooooo Go Terri! *does the happy-happy-joy-joy dance for Terri!* Remember, the person who makes that 1000th sale gets this set made from Terri's beads! 
 Terri's also planning more for her special celebration! Stay tuned to this blog for more! 

I'm still participating in the Online Bead Soup/Bead Party. The touring date has been changed to February 10th, I believe.  I'm finishing up the piece I'm making from the delicious beads sent to me by my beading partner, Elizabeth! I've had a lot of fun playing with the beads she sent me. Stay tuned for the tour! It's going to be fabulous to see all the neat designs made!

Here's hoping you all stay warm, toasty, and dry!
Have a great weekend! 



  1. I love the recipes on Pioneer Woman's site too. Her Crash Potatoes are fabulous!

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  2. I'm happy Arby is cooperating.

  3. I made PW's apple dumplings last night (I've made them several times.) They are fantastic.

    The clouds finally broke this morning so our internet is finally back up. I feel cut off from everything without it!

  4. Many good things to keep track of! Thanks, Cathryn. We've to about 6 inches of snow. The best thing about it is the quiet since most people are not driving or blowing leaves!

  5. I'm very happy to hear Arby's doing well. One of the things I miss most since developing an allergy to poultry (yes, it is weird) is chicken noodle soup. Beef noodle's yummy too, but definitely not the same.

  6. Cathryn, so relieved Arby is better. Praying for him to get completely well.

    I will go in and check out Lisbon's Giveaway!

    Go Terri! Good luck!!

  7. Glad kitty is doing better. I have never checked out that site for recipes. Think I will do that. Don't you hate it when they stop carrying things you really like and use?

    I promised Irv this year that I will take care of 1/2 of the yard instead of staying in my workshop all the time so I am also thinking about flowers right now. Have to make some plans! Come on spring!