Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Horse Out Walking

This week has been exciting and full for me. It's the first week back to school for the spring semester. I get new students and new class schedules. It's also significant because it's my first classes for the decade! That's just thrilling to me. Last decade I was a student--but this decade I get to teach! 

So between getting my syllabi wrapped up, answering students' questions about my classes, and thinking I was suddenly out of work, (in short there was a mix-up in school politics) and getting back to the grind--it's been a hectic week. I did manage to get one walk in with Mrs. C yesterday.  That walk was after I had been walked by a horse.

D decided to run to the store quickly before heading off to work, while I was still trying to resolve the am I working--or am I not working issue. When he came back, I had just finish posting my last class and went out to help him. He met me at the door with this cryptic comment: "Only in Las Vegas can you take a horse out for a walk." 

I looked over his shoulder and saw this:
 A few minutes later....

 Well it was obvious to me that the gentleman had business with the business when he came back around. So I offered my help in holding onto his horse for him. The horse, who is named Jonny and is 29 years old, had other plans. He wanted to go walking. When a horse his size wants to go walking, the best thing to do is let him go walking.  So we went walking up and down the block until the gentleman finished his business. 

It has been 23 years since I've been that close and personal with a horse. I used to work as a groom at a race track back in my crazy other life.  It was a nostalgic touch for me and it was nice meeting a new neighbor!


  1. You're probably not nearly old enough but back in the day a photographer would come around our neighborhoods with his pony and take pictures of the kids. Although we lived in different communities both my husband and I have similar pictures. That's what your pictures and story reminded me of today.

  2. Cool. Not something you do every day. And I'm glad your employment situation worked out for the best. That's must have been very un-nerving!

  3. How neat to be able to walk that horse. Really cool. Good luck with your classes.

  4. That is so awesome. I love horses. They are so beautiful. I use to ride when I was younger...much younger. I'll have to blog about it some day. Can't say we've ever had a horse in the neighborhood though. :)