Monday, January 4, 2010

THAT Chore!

I'm only up to the R's in my reorganizing those DVDs. I've got a nice stack of duplicates ready to pass on. Some of those DVDs were full-frame versions and we later bought the widescreen version. We give away full screen versions. I have a few of the no longer wanted DVDs. Some were given to us and some we bought. 

 A through E in these two racks 
But I'm only up to the R's. I told D that every time I do this, I vow to keep up the movie list so I don't have to do this again. Every time. And have I done that? No--of course not. I will catalog them as they come into the house the first few times, but after that they add up. Like dust bunnies hiding under the bed or the couch. Behind dresser drawers and chests and book shelves. Like dust bunnies, DVDs begin to multiply uncontrollably unless drastic and harsh measures are implemented. I'm working hard to use those drastic and harsh measures. At least DVDs don't bleed or whimper in pain. I couldn't handle it if they did that. Come to think of it, neither do dust bunnies. 

 When cats help AFTER you are done with this section...

After you've alphabetized every DVD correctly...

 They decide in the middle of the night to "help" Mom by unloading them off their rack.  

I found the responses to my post yesterday very interesting. Seems like there are a few chores that I'm right on the money with you.

LanyardLady said she hated ironing. I'm with you there Sister. I don't do ironing. I don't buy clothing that requires ironing. I won't do it. I'd rather look frumpy and wrinkled and disheveled than break out the ironing board.  It's that bad for me. Goes back to the days my mother tricked me into ironing for her. Ok--ok--she really didn't "trick" me as I volunteered at first until I realized it wasn't the ironing I wanted to do--it was her company that I liked. 

Still...I hate ironing. 

Viki said she hates to wash out the fridge.  Can I get a witness here? It's time to wash mine out again and I'm dreading it as much as I did reorganizing and cataloging the DVDs! In a former life, I used to do housekeeping. One of the "jobs" I did involved washing down refrigerators for extra cash. You wouldn't believe what people left behind when they moved nor would you believe what grew in some fridges....*shudders* I actually am very good at using up foods or tossing expired foods, but still the memories persist.

An Oklahoma Granny  posted that she hated dusting.  Give me an AMEN! It's one of the reasons I'm wanting to minimize the nick-nacks and stuff. I want to get rid of stuff. I want to reduce the need for dusting in my home!  I know, I know--I'm whining again. But how much STUFF do we really need?  May be I can do the Christmas thing and pull it out for a month, pack it away before it gets dusty, and pull it out for a month a year later?!?!?! It's an idea...



  1. Cathryn - I realize that I placed the URL far too low at the bottom of my post so,unfortunately, it is very easy to over look. The URL to GiggleBots Blog is

    And have to admit, cleaning out the fridge is not a favorite chore of mine, but then I can't think of too many household chores that I am fond of...know it's definitely not cleaning the oven or the stove top (especially after a pot has boiled over), or cleaning windows, or mopping floors, or scrubbing the soap scum off the shower walls, or...uh, guess I better stop or this could go on and on and on. =D

  2. What fun! I probably dislike cleaning out the fridge the most. I too am trying to eliminate stuff so there is less to dust and just plain old LESS!

  3. I'd say you got a lot accomplished getting all the way up to R. Just keep on it and it will soon be done. Easy for me to say I've been putting off balancing my checkbook - I just balanced it today - for the end of NOVEMBER! Well, at least I'll be a little ahead of the game when I get the Dec statement in the next day or two. :)