Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solar Powered!

Cats are solar powered creatures. They need the sun. Forget all the hype about sunshine gives them natural Vitamin D. (It does, but cats think differently from humans!)  It's all about worship and being the objects of worship. Cats were once worshipped as gods in different ancient cultures. That little tidbit of knowledge has been passed down from cat generation to present day.
(Max-catching afternoon rays) 
A house with one or two cats (or more) will find them claiming the best spots to catch a few sunbeams.  
(Arby and Merlin) 

At times when the afternoon sun is strong, even conflicts can be set aside to catch those solar rays. A favored spot can be shared, despite the different personalities that inhabit the home.

(Chile warming her tummy)

 Sometimes, solo is worth everything for a few rays of golden afternoon sun. It's a great time for cleaning oneself, communing with the humans on a sub-vocal level, and just enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  And sometimes, it's just the best time to catch a nap.

(Harley napping in the sun)



  1. Such awesome pictures of such awesome creatures!

  2. Thanks for visiting Kathy! I'm still learning this new camera of mine!