Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo Tag!

I was tagged to play by An Oklahoma Granny to play Photo Tag! Thank you for tagging me! How cool is this? :D 

Here's how the game works - The person who is tagged goes to the first photo file on his/her computer and then goes to the tenth photo in that file. 

The tagged person posts the picture on his/her blog and tells the story behind it.

The tagged person then tags a few people from the blogs he/she reads.

I have my photos organized by months so when I opened the file, August 2009 appeared first. So I opened that file and realized that I have it broken down into other folders. That's simply because I'm a crazy, OCD-anal retentive person. So I decided to just open the first folder, count to the tenth picture in that folder. 

The 10th photo in my first file in my August 2009 folder:

 This is a picture I captured of one of our ferals who was killed a few days later. Her name is Java. If you have been following the feral story posts, you know that Java is the first daughter of Frosty and Merlin, sister to our indoor kitty Topaz. We had been working with her, trying to convince her to stay with us, especially with winter approaching. We had set up several cat shelters, hoping that she would make one her home. This is her...Some evenings when the sun is just starting to set and the sky is cloaking itself in night time colors, I can hear her calling to me. I miss her still.

I'm tagging:
Terri at  TLSClayDesign 
Joan at  Teaching isn't for Wimps 
Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife 

I just realized I need to broaden my reading list!  


  1. Lovely pic of Java - sorry she has gone.

  2. Thanks for stopping by JanMary! I hope to see you again here!