Friday, November 20, 2009

Bead Trade!

Recently I joined this threadkiller contest. Never having done this before, I read the rules--which seemed fairly simple: Post as often as you wish, but each post must be 7 words or more and be the last one to post for 24 hours. The prize was $20 credit in the Etsy store. Woooooohoooooo! I was so there! I like this particular store, having purchased beads and crystals from there before.  So I figured I could be the last person to post within 24 hours and hopefully win some easy credit at the store. Right? Right.  

Well, so far I'm NOT doing good at killing the thread. I seem to be adding to it. But that's ok--I'm meeting some wonderful people there. One of the wonderful ladies I've met is Jo Gallagher. She is the owner and designer at Jo's Jewels. During one particular and interesting exchange with several of the ladies there, I mentioned that I take the beads I know I won't use or can't use to either one of the local child development centers or do bead trades. Jo immediately jumped on the bead trade part of my post. 

Before I knew it, I was taking pictures of the various beads I wanted to trade and sending them to her.   She sent me an email, stating which ones she was interested in and asked me if I had any cabochons. I only had one--a pink fiber optic oval that I kept for two years because it was so pretty. The next thing I knew I was digging through more beads, trying to find her "extras" that she may enjoy with the ones she wanted. As it turns out, she was doing the same for me! 

We both sent our respective packages Monday and got our bead trades by Wednesday and Thursday! It was so exciting to see all the extras in the trades, to make a new friend, and get some extra  new beads we didn't have before.  

This was my very first Internet Bead Trade and I have to deem it a grand success, largely because of Jo! I'm eagerly awaiting my next Internet Bead Trade to come along. Thank you Jo for such a wonderful experience!

(The extras I received. I wished I had remembered to take a photo of the beads I sent to her!)


  1. I'll bet it's almost like getting an early Christmas present!

  2. Nice! Maybe one day I can get my act together and join the trading.

  3. How fun and how wonderful to get beads you will be able to use for ones you might not have used. I love it!

  4. Thanks, Catherine! I not only got some new beads, but met a wonderful friend! I'm so glad I met you!!

  5. It was wonderful, fun and exciting! Cherin--I'll trade with you any day!