Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Neighbor

If you have been following my blog for a bit, you would have read my mention of my neighbor. Mrs. C is 80 years old and is a lovely, lovely woman. My husband runs her to the grocery stores when she's in a bind, and she makes him food. If she has problems that he can fix for her, she makes him food. We wash her windows a couple of times a year so she can see outside and she makes my husband food. I go over to visit several times a week, and she makes my husband food. I fixed her clogged vacuum cleaner and she made my husband food. When she's ill, I take care of her and she makes my husband food. You see where this is going, right? 

You're probably wondering why I don't get any of her foods. Remember, I have dietary restrictions and unfortunately I can't eat her foods. She makes delicate puddings, a mean chile, and to die-for empanadas. She makes a lot of foods I just can no longer sample--but I remember the flavors and textures very well. It's one of those things that I had to sacrifice in my life's journey. Nonetheless, my lovely, lovely neighbor is very good to me.

Mrs. C takes me walking. About every other day, she drags my happy butt around the park or other places and I let her. That's right--I LET HER. It keeps us both healthier by going for these walks. It gets her out of the house and gets me away from my computer. Walking gives us fresh air, exercise, and time to chat and visit. Our doctors are all happy that we've both been walking. 

Mrs. C's plan is to have me walking all over town by summer. Last summer we went to our local Farmers' Market twice a week. This fall, we've concentrated around the library park, but occasionally, we go other places. I thought I'd show some of the places we see on our walks.

Mrs. C

Carnegie Park
 Mrs. C usually hikes my butt around this park every other day

Immaculate Conception Church 
Going around the park means transversing the ICC with its two parking lots.
This is Mrs. C's church and she adores Father George.  
 The Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center
In my final year of graduate school, I completed my practicum at this wonderful little center.
 You wouldn't know by looking at this place, but the people of the center are all volunteers and have worked towards stopping herbicides from being used on our local watersheds, assist the local jail in being more humane, and were the forerunners in developing state voting reform.
Semilla Natural Food Store
Our local health foods store where I get some of the foods I can eat.They have a small selection--nothing you will see at Whole Foods, but their selections are excellent. 
I also get my Burt's Bees products here along with other of life's necessities!

Sometimes, if we are lucky--we get to see some of the local wildlife on our walks.
The other day, Mrs. C needed to visit her bank. So we walked downtown and found the city was putting up our holiday tree. It was a delightful surprise!

They were getting it centered before adding the tree topper. I'll take another picture when it's lit up.
Thanks for "walking" with us! 


  1. I enjoyed the walk! How wonderful to have a friend like Mrs. C. and a safe, convenient place to go walking.

  2. That was wonderful and a great way for me to get my exercise....although I don't think I burned many calories. :)

  3. Loved walking around and seeing the sites in your town with you and Mrs. C. Thanks for inviting me!

  4. *grins* I'll take you all on another walk as soon as I can!

  5. Man, I have been trying to walk more, I need a Mrs. C. too!