Sunday, January 16, 2011

Window Shopping

I'm sitting here today, tired and sore from cleaning closets yesterday. I have one more to clean  and organize (mine!) but I ran out of steam last night after we got the last one organized to hold my husband's camping and field equipment. All that climbing up and down the step ladder, hauling boxes here and there, and decision-making! Do you realize I probably spent more energy on decision-making than I did climbing the stepladder umpteen gazillion times? It can be difficult to decide what to throw away, what to keep, and what to give to the local charity thrift store. 

"Really, you NEED to keep those papers of wanna-be poetry from when you were in high school? Let alone those papers and notebooks from Professor's L's sociology class(es) back in 1999 and 2000???? And while we are at it--why did you hang onto every 3.5x5 inch floppy disk?? It's not like you can USE them now, huh? Ok you can keep that first ever email you received from your son when he was summering with his father. But the rest of this HAS to go!"

So I decided to concentrate on regular know the regular chores: laundry, dishes, meal planning, cat boxes, claw-clipping, answering student emails, and the like. 

But what I'm really doing is window shopping on Etsy.  In between the laundry cycles. I haven't started on my dishes yet and I won't do cat boxes until D comes back with bags of cat litter and boxes of baking I'm window shopping. And dreaming a little. The kind of daydreams that include winning a huge lottery where working at my paid job would be a choice--not a necessity. 
So here are some of my favorite finds on Etsy today. This is subject to change with the availability of the product, what I absolutely need versus what I want, and how much I'm willing to sacrifice to get it.

Found this lovely pendant at M.E.'s BeeTreeByME. I love her stuff and have a whole drawer full of her artistic creations. This is perfect for my favorite aunt who is getting married this May. I would pair this pendant with these beautiful pink opal beads....
That I found at Anna's Almost Precious. What do you think? I've been lusting after these beads for a while and need some reason to get them. What better reason than making my aunt's wedding jewelry? I'm sure Anna will have other things I can use to make wedding party jewelry, huh?
I love this shawl! It's delicate and warm and very feminine! Violet of Violet's Underground does beautiful crochet work. She also does baby clothes and Barbie doll clothing as well as crochets some amazing flower jewelry!
If I'm buy shoes this year, these would be the ones! How precious can you get with blue-eyed kitties? I found these sapphire-eyed kitty shoes at InkWear's on Etsy.  She also has tshirt I want badly to wear when I'm cooking. :D

For some reason, I'm totally drawn to the colors in this necklace. I love the symmetry and the balance of the moody and dramatic. ClayHappy does some awesome polymer clay and resin work. 
I don't have any need for wearing a lanyard, but if I did, I would choose this one by LanyardLady. It speaks to my Celtic blood but it's also elegant and classy. She's got some great lanyards if you need one. 

 With the International Bead Soup Party coming up, I'm really tempted to buy these sassy and bold beads from TLSClayDesign for the swap. They would pair up with carnelian and burgandy beads so deliciously!

Now my friend Kat makes some awesome jewelry, like this Water Lily Bloomin' Necklace. I'm so totally in love (or is it lust?!?! Or just a super-dooper strong LIKE????) with this necklace. It reminds me of Monet's Water Lily series...soft and ethereal. I buy Kat's destash items from her store. But I WANT this necklace! 

 Now this speaks to me. It looks similar to my birth stone and it's on copper. I found this at Jo's Jewels. I also buy from Jo--her clearance or destash goodies. I like destash goodies--can you tell? But this is on copper and I love copper!

I love Kristie Lou Brigham's Mermaid Pendants. I have a couple but one can never have too many mermaids, right? Ok--I probably have enough but this one is beautiful and special. I don't know why I want her except that she speaks to me! 

And finally, I've been lusting, drooling over these vintage harlequin glass beads. I remember seeing them as parts of jewelry when I was a kid and I always wanted a necklace or a pair of earrings made with these beautiful, fiery beads. Well Brie has them. And I can make my own jewelry sets with them.  On copper. 

Ok--laundry cycle is finished and the dishes are calling to me. I guess they've been sitting in the sink long enough. 

So where do you window shop when you have a few moments? What would you buy if you win the lottery??? 


  1. need to get back to work! haaaaaa Now I 'm in the mood for a little Etsy in the evening. No lottery winnings to spend, but I still "need " something, I think.

  2. I love all these items, like especially that copper bracelet. Thanks for stopping by my shop! If I won the lottery I would buy Etsy and give all my friends everything they want! Ha ha. Love the kitties in the banner photo.

  3. Thanks for taking me with you while you window shopped!

  4. Such a lovely array of pretties. The shawl would be perfect for springtime with it's soft colors, and that Water Lily Bloomin' Necklace is divine as is the copper bracelet. I think the Mermaid Pendant must be a siren of the sea as I can also hear her haunting call to "buy me. Please buy me". Ah well what's money anyway? :)
    Thanks for visiting my shop and what an honor to be included in your list of gorgeous things.

  5. I love browsing etsy - could get lost in it for hours!

    Hoping to add some of my jewelery back on etsy soon :)

  6. Hey you've got two cats guarding your blog now! Very cute shot.

    Woman, that bracelet is beautifully designed. Treat yourself - you'd love it forever.

  7. Lord I'm doing the same thing! My kids have been home forever and I'm sensing I only have today and tomorrow until the damn snow comes again so I'm on the computer!!! I feel like I got caught in the act LOL!!!

  8. Ahh - love window shopping. I would buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes:-)