Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let Sleeping Cats Lie...

Cats are--in a word--ingenious. Especially when it comes to their sleeping places. If you think a cat will listen to his or her human when the human politely makes the request of "Please Fluffy--do not sleep with me or shed hair on my furniture" you are sadly mistaken. And perhaps misguided. Cats are not like dogs, happy to be in a home with food, shelter, petting, toys, play time, and food. Dogs are very happy to resume their natural roles of being owned because it goes back to the tradition of dog-human relationships. 

Cat-human relationships went a different route. Cats were worshipped as gods. And they remember--it's ingrained in them as part of their DNA. Therefore, cats are not owned by humans--they own them. Yes indeedy. This might be breaking news to a lot of cat lovers out there but do you really believe that you chose that beautiful, arrogant feline in your home? HA! That beautiful, arrogant feline CHOSE you! Or that sweet, sometimes a goofball cat chose you. Or that sick, needing human intervention chose you. Or that loving, spoiled, prissy kitty chose you. It doesn't matter which type of cat (or all of them) resides in your home with you--the bottom line is that cat chose you to serve him or her. 

I know. It really makes one think a bit. Kind of lowering to be viewed as a servant instead of a master, huh? There lies the difference between dogs and cats. It says a lot about pet owners too, huh? We won't go there. 

Back to sleeping arrangements.  D and I have learned to share our queen-sized bed with as many felines that can fit around, on top, in between, and next to us. On any given early morning, we have as few as one or two cats or as many as seven sleeping with us. We count our blessings that not all of them demand time with us while sleeping at the same time. We have tried to provide as many sleeping sites as possible, but sometimes, cats will do what they want in spite of our endeavors. (They were worshipped as gods, remember?) 
 Sometimes a padded chair will work. 

 Cozy afghans on a couch work wonders for sleep.
High places invoke the feeling of safety for slumbering.
A sheepskin and afghan lined basket can work. 
Some cats prefer privacy...
Others don't mind sharing an empty box.
And others prefer cuddling with your favorite quilt!


  1. Definitely Velvet owns us. If she were a goddess if would have to be the goddess of anxiety. Too bad she's so darn beautiful cause her personality is Ultradiva.

  2. you are right cats do own us.......and it is amazing how many personality types there are among the feline world, my oldest girl is a klingon she needs to have me hold her as much as I am willing and if I try to put her down and she isn't ready thats when her klingon abilities show up! She is also very good at hunting me down, and very vocal about her sadness of being seperated from me, even if the seperation is only the bathroom door, her brother and her both like to shower with me!

  3. Too true. I've been owned by some feline royalty in the past and loved every minute of it. Also, dogs own good owners who spoil them.

  4. My DH is not a cat person but he relented once years ago and allowed one of our daughter's boyfriends to give her a kitten for Valentine's Day. As a non-cat fan, DH planned to just ignore the cute little ball of fur. Ahhh - not to be. Guess who the cat preferred to be around. We still have a lot of laughs over that.

  5. So true, dogs are devoted followers but cats rule the roost. ;)
    Your kitties look so content, all warm and comfy. Obviously they're settled down for a nice winter's nap.

  6. I love the pictures of your sweet kitties. Ours would be right there, in the box!

    Happy Weekend. ~Natalie

  7. That does explain a lot, actually!