Friday, January 7, 2011

The Second Annual Bead Soup Party

I wasn't going to join this year's Bead Soup Party, that's hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty ThingsI told myself my time was very limited this semester and I just couldn't possibly squeek in one more item to my schedule. I participated in the first two bead parties and had a blast! But this year is different. I have to teach, get my store up and running, and plan this year's garden. I'm also part of the Assessment Team and have to concentrate on that as well. 

But you know me...despite my being logical and practical...I couldn't resist the siren's call of another rip-roaring, exciting, bead soup party! Yes I did! I sent my email into Lori this morning. Bless her--she organizes all us women into some reasonable, flowing, fun-loving group. That's no easy task. The thought of organizing a bunch of talented, intelligent, unique, artistic women makes me tremble. In fear. Give me college students any day of the week!

That giggling you hear in the background is the Bead Addict. She's thrilled to no end that I relented to her incessant pressure to join this year's Bead Soup Party. She's bead-greedy for one thing. For another, she's been complaining that I haven't bought her--me--us a lot of new and interesting beads lately. Not like we don't have whole drawers full of beads or anything like that...Maybe this will keep her occupied so I can get the store up and running without hearing her complain that we can't possibly sell this set or those earrings or THAT necklace--because they are simply too pretty! 

I like the bead soup parties because they make me stretch out of my comfort zone. I also meet new women who are creative and talented. My first bead soup party partner was Elizabeth of Turquoise Sky Whenever I wear that set I created from this Party, I am reminded with fond memories the emails and the developing friendship. 

My next bead party brought me in contact with Dana of Dana's Jewelry Design who sent me pearls--my absolute favorite of all favorites! 

Yeah--I like bead soup parties...and I'm eager to join in this year! Please go to Lori's place and join in the fun! The requirements are fairly simple; a blog, beads, and  an email! 



  1. Yay, I'm in! Should be beady fun!

  2. I am in and excited as well, I've been involved it the past two, and had a blast, and I am really looking forward to this one.......hoping it will pull me out of the non creative place I have been for a while......glad you are on board too Cathryn!

  3. Ooo, I adore the necklace with the blue beads, so pretty. The pearls are lovely too.
    Know you'll have fun with your Bead Soup challenge, you always come up with some beautiful designs.

    Can't wait to see your etsy shop when you get it up and running. :)

  4. I have never been to a bead soup party.
    I'll admit, in the past I have not been too happy with the "exchanges " I have participated in .
    But this seems sooo intriguing !
    I'm going to give it a try !
    m.e . :)

  5. I joined in and am roaring to go. Sounds like you are busy as ever. Now to go pick out some wonderful jewels to send to some lucky person.

  6. Hi there and happy new year! I just wanted to drop by to say Hi and see how you were doing so far this year. You are BUSY! I am thinking about doing bead soup for the first time and this has encouraged me! Thanks!

  7. Yay! The bead soup parties are the best. Happy New Year!

  8. OH I cant wait for the Party! We will have so much fun lol!!! yeyyyyy! ox