Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Ain't Spring...YET!

I'm still in spring cleaning mode. Still. That's because of the weather, I'm sure. It's winter and we are having 50-60 degree weather here. What's wrong with this picture? Last year we had a lot of snow...Remember this?
February 2010 
Well, we're dry. And warm. And dry. 

Yesterday, I saw my daffodils peeking up in the soil--it's way too soon for that. And I'm worried about our water supply for spring and summer since I'm planning for my garden. In this town, our drinking water comes from the main river--which is the size of a creek or "crick" if you're from my mother's neck of the woods. I don't know where that neck of the woods are specifically but all my life, she's referred to creeks as "cricks." I used to get in trouble in school for spelling wash as "warsh" because that's how my mother pronounced it. Same with "squarsh."  And "warshing" the clothes, car, dishes, or floor. 

Anyways, I digress. It's Thursday. I'm allowed to digress a bit on Thursdays. It's in the rules. Or should be. 

In this northern New Mexican town, we get our drinking water from our crick creek-sized  river and two reservoirs where the location will remain under double secret security, thanks to Homeland Security and TSA. We don't have an aquifer here. So we really depend on snowfall in the winter and rainfall in the spring and early summer until the monsoons come to help us with our water supply. It looks like I need to start conserving warmup water already. 

But because the weather is warm, I'm in spring-cleaning mode. I've managed to fill up several bags of garbage because I'm tossing out stuff and junk and what I consider to be garbage. I've got seven boxes full of stuff and junk and clothes to take to our favorite charity thrift store. That's this current load. And I'm not done.  I'm working on convincing my husband to part with some of his toys and some of the clothes he's never worn and the 15 backpacks, 7 rifle scopes (he only has one--maybe two rifles!) and 6 bows he picked up in a bargain or two or three. That's going to take some doing but as I pointed out--he can only carry one or two backpacks, rifles, or bow at time. The others are taking up space and driving me up the wall. 

Yes, I have cabin fever and we're not even snowed in. Strange how that works.  

Now back east, people are complaining about another snow storm. I wish those storms would not pass us by but there you have it. What was I going to do about the no-snow-no-show? Then it hit me!

I bought a beautifully made pendant from Ivy Koehn (pronounced cane). Ivy works in polymer clay. I discovered I'm easily addicted to artisan beads like hers. So last year, she created a lot of them to entice me. Because she knows there are bead addicts in this world like myself. And I was easily enticed and smitten. And bought quite a few of them. More than I probably should have but oh my...they're so pretty! And I'm a confessed bead addict! What is so fabulous is that she also has a store on Etsy as well as one on eBay
Just some of Ivy's beads I just had to have...
One particular pendant I had purchased from Ivy was a claysicle. Oh my....It was breathtaking. And wintery themed complete with snowflakes. *fans the air around her to help her breathe* Yeah I know...silly to get all lightheaded and flushed over a bead but just wait until you see it! I put it together with some other beads and it's my Snow Charm. I'm wearing it daily in hopes it will bring snow to our part of the country.  
This is my Snow hopes it entices the weather faeries in making snow! 
A close up of this fabulous pendant by Ivy Koehn...Just simply gorgeous!      
 But that also brings me to another necklace I made. One I'm having a hard time parting with...meaning putting it in my store. The beads were made by Mary Ellen of BeeTreebyME and I fell hard for them. Two sets.And I've been holding onto them for the past couple of years. A few weeks back, I decided it was high time I did something with them before someone accused me of hoarding beads. Seriously. This is probably the only place where I could be accused of hoarding tendencies. I work hard not to go there but I also know there's a fine line between having beads and hoarding...a very fine line. Microscopic thin and fine. 

Anyway...This is my Winter Blooms piece. The one I'm having trouble putting into the store. 
Winter Blooms by ME from BeeTreebyME...complete with snow quartz.          
 And that brings me to another piece I'm having trouble letting go of and placing it in my store. Because I like it a bit too much, perhaps. Because it speaks to me. The pendant was made by Terri Stone of TLS Clay Design. I confess that I became hooked on artisan beads because of Terri's fabulous designs. But don't blame Terri--she creates and the Bead Addict must have! So easy to blame the Bead Addict for my bead purchases. This necklace was simple but vibrant. Every time I put it in the store box, it comes back out. 
Ocean's Vortex Necklace
A close up of the fabulous pendent from TLSClayDesign         

Spring cleaning means I should put these pieces into the store and sell them. Right? And if you hear a loud, screetching "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" that's the Bead Addict. Not me. 

So what do you have trouble letting go of? 



  1. All those pieces are just stunning. I would not want to part with them either. The Bead Addict has to keep some pretty things for herself, after all. I've got cabin fever, too. Our winter started so early this year it has seemed endless, and we will have Feb and March to get through. I wish I could have a garden to plan!

  2. your necklaces are beautiful! keep them, you deserve to keep some of your work for your self!
    we have had two nice days in a row, and with my son living here again, we have gotten some spring cleaning done in the yard, he has been cutting up limbs from trees we thinned earlier, and getting ready to haul it all away! and he put miniblinds in the living room and dining room yesterday....he likes to keep busy, and there is lots to do around here

  3. OMG, I love Ivy's beads. I'll have to check out her studio. Yes, I am a bead hoarder. Maybe we should have a Bead Hoarder's Anonymous group.

    If your mom said "crick" and "warsh" then she might have grown up in Arkansas or Oklahoma as my mom and grandma always used those words and that is where they grew up.

    Oh, I vote you keep the Claycicle and sell Winter Blooms...on second thought keep them all and enjoy them as I know you will.

  4. Let's hope your Snow Charm is that magic you need to bring you that much needed snowfall. It is easy to forget that many lakes and reservoirs do not count on rainfall and much of their water comes from snow melt.
    Your jewelry designs are amazing and you've a wonderfully keen eye for outstanding beads. I know my heart would break if I had to part with them. But you're right there are times you have to move things other to gather MORE beautiful new beads. :)

  5. Oh my goodness that Ivy Koehn pendant is STUNNING!!! I am in the North East sitting in literally FEET of old snow with more on the way . My kids haven't had a full week of school since before Christmas and I'm about to eat my own hair if I don't get out in public soon. It's HELL over here the pile of snow in the street is literally about 10 feet high : (.... watch for what you wish for! : )

  6. Oh those beads are SO pretty. Yes, we're shoveling for hours every day, clearing off roofs, and traffic's down to one lane on most two lane streets. I've already bought a pump for the spring melt, because there's definitely going to be a run on them and I think it's safe to assume I'll need one.


    We're still recovering from a brutal two year drought. I'm not complaining. I just hope it melts slowly enough to sink in to the earth where it's needed!

  7. Those are simply amazing pieces! I love the clay-cicle one the best. That clay pendant is absolutely gorgeous!

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, my family says warsh and crick, too! Must be I am in your mother's neck of the woods! (northeast?)


    I have trouble letting go of the pieces that take me literally forever to make. Usually the tatted pieces. Tatting does take a long time, you know :)

  8. I'm terrible at letting go. Tend to hoard all kind of things...