Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Beading Partner and Some Random Thoughts...

Come dance with me! I have a new beading partner! Meet Agnes--owner and writer of Beader Bubbe's Shop and blog! Agnes has been married for 36 years and has six grandsons! I'm really excited she's my partner. She lives on the East Coast where the weather has been slammin' them regularly. Agnes is very creative and inspiring! Check out her blog and her store and see what I mean!

We share some things in common: We both love cats. We both work in education. We both love to work just about anything when it comes to beads. We both do not work with yellows or oranges because we can't wear those colors! We both like silver!

So putting my bead soup ingredients together for her was a challenge.  It should have been easy because we both work with so many materials and colors...but I found myself with several different sets of ingredients that would have made several different sets of beautiful somethings! And I wanted to send them all to her! I was going to send them last week but because of decisions, decisions, and second guessing, I didn't. I was afraid that she would think I was weird or something. I heard that!

I've  finally decided on which soup mix to send. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow so she gets it in plenty of time to oohhh and awww over it. I hope she ooohhhhhhs and awwwwwws over it. And I hope she doesn't think I'm weird or anything like that! No comments from the Peanut Gallery Puleeze!

Now for Some Random Thoughts:
A while back, one of my bead swap partners, Jayne of Mama's Got to Doodle sent me these gorgeous bird's nest earrings in copper in one of our swaps.  I fell instantly in love with them! The single egg represented my only child, my son, my pride and joy--ok you get it. And the double egg represented my husband and myself in our home, our nest, our sanctuary, our--well, you get the picture. I was so fascinated in how these were created that I had to learn how to do them myself. So after two weeks of reading tutorials and practicing and practicing and reading tutorials, I finally made a bird's nest pendant for myself. 
My attempts at creating a wire-wrapped bird's nest charm. 
The earrings sent to me by Jayne and the pendant I made to match! Yes--those are coffee stains in the background! 
Well that was so much fun, I made a couple more. That was exciting! And Fun!  I experimented with thicker wire and stones. And made a couple more. And that was exciting! And FUN! Next thing I knew, I had more than I could wear for any given occasion or more, so I put them up in my Etsy store.  
One of the necklaces in my store--made with African Turquoise stones.
Another necklace in my store--I LOVE the lavendar "eggs!'
Yeah--I'm dreaming of spring and my garden! Can you tell I miss my garden? I miss it terribly! But I'm planning on a bigger one and will do several plantings so I can have more produce to save for winter consumption. But I still miss my first garden.  

Since I've been daydreamin' about spring and my new garden, the bug to clean, declutter, organize, and deep clean has bitten me hard. So far I've organized, cleaned, and dejunked the laundry room and two closets. I've cleaned and dejunked the back room and am working on our bedroom and office. I know spring's not here officially but I am itching to get this house really, really clean! It's probably because we are unseasonably warm most days. So I'm tackling one room at a time and doing what it takes to get rid of dirt and grime and dust. And pet dander. And human dander. And junk! Egads, how much junk and stuff can two people collect?!?!?! Don't answer--I don't need people accusing us as being hoarders...yet!

I found out OxiClean powder is excellent for cleaning carpets, furniture, walls, and appliances. I gone through several boxes of baking soda and vinegar and gallons of hot, hot water. Most of my cleaning supplies are simple: Hot water, baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, salt, Murphy's Oil Soap, elbow grease, cotton rags, and microfiber cloths. I LOVE those microfiber cloths for cleaning. Use one in the bucket of solution and one to dry and polish--it's that simple. And I'm all about simple. When it comes to cleaning that is. A solution of hot water, vinegar, a bit of rubbing alcohol, and lots of newspapers works wonders for cleaning windows, but I'm going to wait on doing those. 

Interesting giveaways are happening this week. Lori Anderson of Pretty Things  and Lisa Crone of A Bead A Day are both giving away PJTool & Supply Impress Art stamping kits! How cool is this? Visit both sites but remember I want one of these sets! 

Finally, I'm slowly coming out of vacation mode. I should have been out of it already but--*sighs* I enjoyed it just way too much...for the first time in four years. I'm still not fully into teaching mode--which will happen this week when I have actual papers to grade. I think that's why I'm in spring cleaning mode--because I'm not fully into teaching mode. And feel I need one more project to grab hold of for my anal-retentive/overachieving/OCD diva kicks me out of house and home! Anyone else having a hard time getting back into the swing of "normal" routines? What's your solution?


  1. Your birds'nest beads and pendants are so pretty! Kudos for learning something new. And, I am impressed. I did a little over holiday break but didn't make a dent. Yes, I still can't get into a routine. I wish I could work from home and have a simpler life.

  2. Ahh, those little nets are fun to made - they are pretty as rings too! Give it a try.

  3. The birds' nest pendants are so nice. I don't think I've ever seen anything even similar. And I like the symbolic nests for your son and you husband and you.

  4. Cathryn, you never cease to amaze me with your energy and love for so many things! Congrats, my friend, on learning something new. You did good... the nests are lovely!!

  5. Well it seems unanimous, everyone loves your little wire wrapped nests, including moi. They are lovely.

    Sometimes it's hardest to decide on what to give someone whose taste is very similar to our own as we do find too many things that we'd like to share. I'm sure your beading partner will practically swoon when she sees what you've chosen.

    As far as cleaning goes, I keep waiting for my dust bunnies to get big enough to clean my house for me. Unfortunately they just keep growing but never get anything done...much like myself. :D

  6. Thank you so much Cathryn for your great make me sound so goooood.....getting your stash ready too, got your address, just have to get it to the post office...and they are expecting more snow tomorrow...please send me some of your weather.....along with the beads...ok. Love those bird's nests......

  7. thanks for the shout out, & your nests look great!

  8. Those are all great, but the African Turquoise - wow, you nailed it. That is stunning.

  9. Hey Cathryn.....I actually got to mail out your beads first thing this morning....before the wonderful (did I say wonderful?) snowstorm hit New York....sent Priority Mail, you should get it in 3-5 days....hope you like it....cant wait to get mine....ttyl.....Agnes