Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Here....Maybe

The other day it was warm. I mean WARM folks--day time temperature was 60 degrees! I walked around in the sun, wearing a t-shirt--that's how warm it was! Ok--the breezes still were a bit chilly and I had goosebumps every time one blew over me but it was still WARM! I found my first miniature daffodil blooming!
I love daffodils! They are so bright and happy and so damned cheerful! They bring sunshine into my spirit and this past week--I needed that. They make me happy! HAPPY! I guess you kind of figured that out, huh?
In the back yard, I checked out Quinn's Tulips and they seem to be multiplying. I walked around planning my summer garden. I know what I want to plant, but it was getting a feel of the land. I spotted one of our ferals, MC watching me. 

Then Friday came. I was eagerly planning my Spring Break while trying to finish up some grading and noticed this out the office window:
Please tell me that wasn't a snowflake. Maybe it was a pigeon feather...or two. 
 Please tell me those are pigeon feathers. Seriously, we seem to be supporting all the flocks in town. I know some of them live on the West Side--I've seen them parking their happy butts over there. But that white stuff on the ground isn't pigeon feathers--or any other kind of feathers are they? 

Then I remembered how the weather folk get it wrong some times. So I was hoping for another "We goofed" in the weather department. Instead, this time they were right on the money!
 I ask you--How are my daffodils and tulips supposed to compete with this kind of weather?!?!??! I think someone---probably some governmental official--forgot to tell Winter that his chance came and WENT! Winter has to learn how to share. It's Spring's turn. Of course if Winter is taking his lessons about sharing from our government, then he might just be getting the wrong idea--since our government officials never learned how to share either. Anyway---It's going to be Easter in two weeks.  Does Old Man Winter still plan on throwing one last temper tantrum before heading into his room for a good long while?That might be the example he got from our government officials, temper tantrums because they aren't getting what they want. I better not go there, otherwise you'll have me rallying up the people to SPANK our government officials. But like I said...I'm not going there. 

Just checked the weather forecast for this week. It's going to be a repeat--bright sunny days--which is what's needed to melt the latest snow dump--with SNOW again on Wednesday! ARGH! I can't win here!

Good News---Please check out the newest lanyard made for our lovely but regal Topaz by our friend, LanyardLadyCherin has created miracles from our cats for her lanyards! She's also a great blogger. I'm about addicted to her blog as I am to my morning coffee. Trust me--that's a good thing! She's also made one for Ava--capturing her wicked personality and combined it with Ava's love for flowers. 
 My camera is slow, but Topaz was giving the lanyard an eye blink of approval. D and I love what Cherin's talent is doing--immortalizing our cats. Thank you again, Cherin--this means more to us than you'll ever know!

I hope it's Spring and WARM wherever you are and that the sunny days spread sunshine on your shoulders and warm breezes to fill your souls. 


  1. Hi there! I am trying to get caught up on blogs and have enjoyed reading and seeing how your kitty friends are doing! I love it when beads turn up in your blog :) and think the pictures you took of the kitties looking at the lanyard lady pieces representing them is the coolest thing. I'm thinking how cool that would be displayed in an art gallery or something, that was such a clever idea all around! :) Hoping for more sunny skies and green grass!

  2. I'm surprised those pigeons come around by you with all your cats. They must not be very bright LOL. Ohh, that snow sends shivers down by spine. I'm just waiting to see what happens here.

  3. Yikes! Stop the snow! It's almost April already. We've got warm temps but your snow will be our rain tonight and tomorrow. Cute picture of Topaz looking at her lanyard. Gabby is next!

  4. Wow....snow in March! We rarely get ANY in NC and I think we got some once in March about 20 years ago.

  5. Sorry to see the snow. I'd rather see the flowers too. ~Violet

  6. It was sunny and warm(ish) all weekend here in N Irwland.

    We spent it smat the cottage with an English friend and it could not have been more perfect.

    Will blog about it this week.

  7. Brrr...more snow! I'm ready for summer.

  8. Yeah, we've got snow again here too, but as much as I hate to admit it we actually need the stuff. Didn't get enough over the winter to feed the spring flowers properly!

  9. OMG. We have poppies here. I need to come live in your town! I'm dreading the heat while trying to stay positive. Beautiful daffodil!

  10. Hopefully by now the weather is getting more settled and old man winter has decided to give it a rest...or at least that's about all we can do about the weather, hope and complain. :)

    Guess this cold, long winter has a lot of us suffering from the doldrums, being cooped up inside with little sunshine...blah !

    We are just starting to get some springtime weather down here in Florida, it was actually in the 80's today and warm enough for us to BBQ some hamburgers this evening for dinner. Yea! Have my fingers crossed that come tomorrow the temp doesn't take a nose dive back into the 40's. =O

  11. long time no new post :(
    Hope you and yours are OK and
    are just busy enjoying the arrival of Spring
    miss your chats&cats
    m.e. :)

  12. Missing your notes every morning. I hope everything is ok. Greetings from Cologne.

  13. Hi there - missing your post, hope the absence is for pleasure, like a lovely trip, or vacation and not something icky like the flu.

    I usually don't do awards but this last one looked like fun and it didn't require one to pass it on to a ton of other blogs...but then there's that problem of; "Oh my, who do I choose? "
    Well I chose ChileCats as I appreciate your blog and enjoy your wit and humor. To claim your Award, if you desire to do so, just visit my blog and pick it up.

    Hope to see your blog back in action soon. Meanwhile hope all's well, take care and God bless. :)

  14. Wondering where your at. You haven't posted in a while. I hope everything is okay over there. Hope to see you post soon.

  15. Miss your posts. Hope all is well. =)

  16. Cathryn - Likewise, I miss your posts. It's been a while now, hope that you're just very, happily busy and that all is well. :)