Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bead Swap!

Remember the Bead Party last month? Well I joined another bead swap set up by Lori Anderson, the same incredible lady who set up the virtual Bead Party. Unlike the party, it was just a simple bead swap. The rules were--fill a large matchbox full of beads you would like to receive (in other words--no junk please!) and send it to your bead swapping partner by March 8th. 

Naturally, I joined up. This was an occasion for free beads and being the bead junkie that I am, I couldn't resist! I bet you're thinking I didn't try very hard either--and you would be accurate. I resisted for two whole days before adding my name to the list of potential swappers. The selling point was that I didn't have to do anything by a certain time---with midterms and papers and exams coming up this month. 

I got lucky and drew Jayne "Boot~C" from Oklahoma. I'm meeting a lot of really terrific people from that state lately. :D Jayne and I have a lot in common. We share the same age, one of the same astrological signs (ok--I'm half Sagittarius, but it counts!) and we're both in education. Wohoooooooooo! How cool is that?!?! Naturally, we share the best trait in common and that's our love for beads, beading thingies, and pretty things! 

Come time to find a matchbox that was the right size and I hit a dilemma. In our small town, there weren't any large matchboxes--just large packs of small matchboxes. I took the measurements again and hunted all over this house for something of similar size. The only thing I found was an empty Land O' Lakes Butter tub--the kind that's mixed with canola oil. I emailed Lori who said that would be perfect.  

I started rummaging around my bead stashes and adding beads and glittery stuff to the butter tub. Then I took some of the things out and added others. I found that I really wanted to send Jayne a lot of different things and most of it wouldn't fit into the tub. I had to plan this out better. By now, Jayne and I had swapped email addresses and been in contact with each other--she's simply bubbly and cheerful in her emails. They always made me smile. We exchanged information about what we liked, what we didn't like, what we didn't work with well and what we had to have. And I revised her butter tub full of beads again after each email. To be honest, I revised it even the day it was being sent out! "No--no--Let me see if this will fit in too! She will love this!" We weren't supposed to CRAM our boxes full of things--just fill them. I kind of broke that rule. But I have a feeling I wasn't alone. I did try to send her a bit of every thing.

Naturally, I forgot to take pictures of what I was sending to Jayne.  I remember telling myself to get pictures because it would be nice to have a record of what I sent, instead of trying to rely on my faulty memory. And my faulty memory came into play. It's always faulty when I'm trying to get midterm grades in and the life of an adjunct professor is...well it's not always pleasant. 

But when Jayne's package arrived, I was thrilled. This is what I found inside! 
Do you see those boxes? Jayne MADE those cute little boxes! I'm keeping them! I don't know for what yet, but wait and see!
Look at all those goodies! But wait--there's more! Talk about a color combination! I fell in love with those gorgeous colors!
Those lampwork beads at the top, upper right are from Cindy Gimbrone--and they are simply gorgeous! I picture them on a necklace with those divine pink howlites and aqua crystals! The white coral I have plans for!
 This is an interesting earthy mixture! There's snake vertebra, green adventurine, horn beads and prasiolite. I can picture these in my mind all mixed together to form a beautiful down to earth jewelry ensemble. 
These are from the bonus boxes--chrysocolla and teal green adventurine nuggets. I'm so excited about having these stones! Just holding them makes me all happy and warm inside. These will be great but I haven't made up my mind yet of what I'd like to to do with them. I have some other beads that will match these perfectly so I need to see what develops!

Jayne--thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was a fantastic bead swap and it's been fun having you as a partner!  Lori--thanks for another great idea! I can't wait to bead!



  1. Oh what fun! You got some fantastic beads and it will be exciting to see what you do with them.

  2. I took photos of what you sent me & I have posted them on the bead swap site! I let my neice see what you sent me & she is already scheming on the ones she wants!

  3. Lovely beads...
    My hubby uses beads on the bottle necklaces that he makes, so we are always shopping for some unique colors and shapes.

    Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  4. OMG. SCORE! What a wonderful set of beads and what a sweet story. I toyed with entering, just couldn't get it together. Have fun!

  5. Oh how adorable! So creative how she presented that!

  6. Great beads! I can't wait to see what you make with them!!

  7. Wow - you got some incredible beads! Have fun creating :D

  8. What a treasure trove of beads! All so pretty. You'll have such a great time creating with them. Be sure to post photos!

  9. I look forward to seeing what you create with them!

  10. What a bunch of treasures!! Isn't it sooo fun to dig through your goodies and share them with someone else? I love it! Enjoy your treats!!

  11. Las Vegas has nothing on you. You really hit the jackpot on this swap. What a marvelous person Jayne must be, it shows in her selection of beads and her handcrafted boxes are just adorable. Now she's the type of friend I'd love to have. :D
    I can see you're going to be really busy playing around and dreaming of what to make with your beautiful new beads...keep us posted.

  12. What a wonderful variety of beautiful colors - and the little compartments are so cool.