Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Merlin's Magic

This blog is called Chile Cats. It's supposed to be about cats, ferals, and colony management, right? It supposed to may be...MAY BE have some opinion pieces, a recipe or two, and general comments about my life. It's mainly supposed to be about cats though. It's supposed to be the blog that kitty lovers everywhere would love and enjoy. So what's with all this beading and beads stuff that's been popping in quite often? What's UP with that?!?!?

Well today is going to be a special post. My blogging friend, Cherin of Lanyard Lady fame is about to celebrate her 500th Etsy sale in her wonderful store. Naturally, I asked her if I could help her celebrate. She said she would get back to me. I was envisioning party hats and whistle blowers and may be baking a couple of dozen cookies or so. Ok--not really. Kind of hard to do that in CyberLand and across the nation. I live in New Mexico  and Cherin lives in North Carolina. Nontheless, I did have a party-like attitude and I am very happy that Cherin's lanyard sales have been perking up for her.

Then I received a request from Cherin. Could I send her pictures and a small blurb about our cats so she could design lanyards with them in mind? This is what Cherin wanted to do for her special celebration. WOW! How cool is this?!?!? Naturally, I responded with enthusiasm and started searching through my photos of the cats. I started with our oldest cat in the house, Merlin. I thought I could easily write about Merlin--he's got such history and such grandeur for an older cat who survived being feral. He would be the easiest to write about--so I thought.

I found it wasn't so easy to write about this particular cat. His personality is difficult to explain on paper. So I'm using word processing on a computer and not actually writing things out on paper...the process is still the same. The little blurb I intended became a synopsis about his life and began turning into a whole chapter. Flipping through the photographs did not really help me--there were so many choose and which ones best captured his gentleness, his wisdom, his fierce protective nature, and his generosity? I ended up choosing three, cutting about 20 pages out of the narrative, and crossed my fingers and hit "SEND." 

Now Cherin is a beautiful soul and a brilliantly talented creative woman. You should see what she did with Merlin's short story. I was both humbled and gobsmacked when she sent me a picture of the lanyard she made. Tears came into my eyes when I saw how she took my words and my photos of this cat and created a wondrous piece of art.  D was totally speechless when he saw that beautiful lanyard she called "Merlin's Magic." 
We had to show Merlin. He responded with his quiet purr of approval. Some of the other cats had to come see what the fuss was about. Lacey asked if she was going to get a lanyard made in her honor like Merlin. I told her to just wait and see. 

So please go visit Cherin's blog and her store and see the magic she created and become part of the celebration! 


  1. I saw the lanyard inspired by Merlin earlier this morning. It is perfect. What a wonderful collaboration!

  2. How sweet is this. Don't you feel you need to buy the lanyard? Well you could end up with a lot of them if Cherin will keep making pretty jewelry about your cats. This is very friendly.

  3. Thank you Cathryn and Merlin! I'm having so much fun and think you're both the cat's meow!

  4. I saw the lanyard and it is awesome and so is Cherin and her blog! She brightens my day! Congratulations are a star!

  5. Too beautiful. I can't believe how much snow you got. I'm dreading the heat, but don't really want a lot of snow. Thank you for all your comments, they mean the world to me.

  6. The lanyard is really lovely!

  7. Just hope all the popularity doesn't go the Merlin's head. hee hee ! Cats seem to have a bit of an attitude even when they are not celebrities. :)
    The LanyardLady does have a way with beads, I've always loved her colors and combinations...some elegant, some casual, and some bright, bold and brilliant.

  8. Yea Merlin! A stunning lanyard!

  9. I love this story. And Merlin is such a smart kitty!

    I hope this finds you well. Happy Spring ~Natalie