Sunday, March 7, 2010

Midterms Week!

It's midterms week here--which means it can be hell for both students and professors. I haven't forgotten any of you--just been up to my eyeballs in students, papers, grades and "stuff on that." That's a saying from my best friend's husband and it's caught on with me. Stuff on that.  I'm behind on my blog reading/commenting but will catch up as soon as the last grade is turned in. I promise. 
I thought I'd leave you with a few signs of spring.
Miniature Iris
 Ava sleeping in the sun
MC, Tabby, and Swirly (some of our ferals) catching sunbeams
A definite sign of warm weather....bikers.


  1. I hear you!! Our term ends on Wednesday gearing up for final projects and tests. Good luck to you this week.

    Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  2. Those are great spring pics...I even love the bikers!!! Makes me want to go take a walk and sew what little flowers may be popping up around here. Good luck getting through the midterms...I'm actually in school and we're working on quarters so I have a final that's due on Monday. That's my lovely afternoon project for today. :)

  3. Great pictures of the flowers. I can't wait. So far in our flower beds are the dead flowers that never got cleaned out yet, snow and weeds LOL.

  4. Great photos! I wish I were as content as Ava sleeping in the sun. Hang in there. Next week is spring break for us, so all the students and faculty will be gone. We'll be able to find parking places! Yeah!

  5. Love the flowers! Can't wait to see some here. Still snow all over our yard. :(

    Come on spring. Good luck with the school work.

  6. I love your spring pics, especially your beautiful cats.. they are beautiful

  7. Beautiful. Just read the flying story. OMG! This whole flying issue is a nightmare and it is all dependent on who you get at the gate. Some are reasonable and some are not. UGH!

  8. Don't forget about Spring conferences as well...sigh! Your spring pictures are terrific!

  9. Midterm week also not much fun for parents of college students ! My daughter lives at home and attends a local university .She's normally a wonderful person. But, during exam periods we try to avoid her!
    Strong desire to get good grades, sends her into a " HISS " mood
    " Highly Incendiary Study Stress"
    HISSing students are like hissing cats !!!
    'nuff said... LOL!
    Thank you so much for the Spring photos .
    Very soothing for the study stressed !
    :) m.e.

  10. Yes! I heard my neighbour roaring gleefully down the street on her Harley the other day. That sound always marks my personal official first day of spring.