Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Blooming

                                                           Apache Plume's first blooms

                                                                           A close up.... 
                                                The Europa Daisy...Happy yellow!

  Look at these African Daisies--I didn't realize they closed up at night and opened when the sun shines on them!
 The Blanket Flower...clouds showed up overhead just as I shot this so it's not as bright as it is... Looks like we're in for some rain. I hope it's gentle. I planted sunflower and hollyhock seeds yesterday against the fence line in the back yard. 
 I didn't realize when I picked this pot of flowers out it would give a lovely shade of deep lavender. It's called the Soprano Purples ( Osteospermum). It's going to look stunning next to the raspberry colored salvia I planted years ago. 

Tomorrow starts my first official day of teaching the summer sessions. (*deep sighs*) I think  I'm ready for the busy season. I've cut assignments down to the bare minimum without cutting the education. I've reduced my office hours, chat sessions, and review sessions so my students can still get the benefit of me without compromising the quality. I've been brushing up my PowerPoint presentations, creating new ones, and looking over my notes. I've consolidated my graduate student classes into one website so they all can benefit at the same times for review sessions, to drop off assignments, and to gather their notes. Today, I put the finishing touches on my classes. 

I'm ready.  I have the garden to escape to in the mornings before I teach and in the afternoons before evening classes. And I have pretty flowers to soothe my senses.  



  1. Such pretty colors. There is nothing more relaxing that communing with nature. People think I'm nuts because I like to mow the lawn --- just to be outside!

  2. All the flowers are so pretty. I'm especially partial to the Blanket Flowers.

  3. I love all your beautiful flowers! I really miss having a place of my own to garden and grow flowers....I used to start my day every day during the growing season with a cup of coffee and a stroll through my yard to see what was blooming, and how much things had grown over night.......I loved mentioning planting hollyhocks and sunflowers , made me think of that, I love hollyhocks! I know you won't have much blog time with stretching yourself so thin, I will be missing your blog posts too......

  4. Love the purple flowers. Too swell. I would say you scored bead wise. Those gold lined shells are yum-tastic!

  5. There is a saying and I can't quite remember how it goes but something like; "I am never so close to heaven as when I am in my garden".

    There is something very relaxing and spiritual about working in the garden and watching plants grow. It is truly a miracle.

    Love all the sunflower and daisy photos, they are such happy flowers.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. Good luck with the start of school.

  7. I used to have a job that started in the afternoon, and loved starting the day in my yard or gardening as well. That always gets the day off on the right foot.

  8. Great flowers Cathryn. Love the purple ones! Good luck with your classes.