Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's All About The Beads!

Yesterday morning, I received surprises in the mail! It was definitely an unbirthday day for me. Ever have one of those? Where you get your birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one day? They don't happen often or even every year--but once in a while, you get a bonus. 

My Bead Soup/Swap partner's bead arrived in the mail. I was all excited because--well--she's sending me beads. Does it get better than that? I have to think about that for a  minute. I'm sure there are things, events, incidents that do actually get better than receiving beads in the mail, but my brain is in lock-down mode at the moment. 

 Anyway--she sent me this gorgeous little bead pouch!   Isn't it cute? It just reminded me of the chocolate-raspberry torte my husband and I shared on our official first date. I've decided I'm keeping it, but I was thinking others like these would be great as give-a-way goody bags for jewelry gifts! 

Oh you are dying to see what was inside? Here you go.  
 Aren't they magnificent? Ok--I'll quit teasing you and show you what was in the pouch. 

Doesn't that just thrill you to no end? Dana actually took a better picture of the goody bag. You can see that on her blog. She also took pictures of what I sent her, if you are interested.  I forgot to do that because I had gardening on the brain--not beading. It seems I have trouble multi-tasking, so I'm grateful Dana took photos! You'll have to visit this blog (and hopefully others) on June 19th to see the delightful treasures Dana sent! I'm going to have so much fun creating with her goodies!
The other unbirthday surprise I received in the mail came from my best friend. She sent me a box full of goodies too! She sent me some broken chains and bits and pieces, thinking I could work with them. She's right--I can and I already have plans for them. 
She also sent a myriad of beads, pendents, and fun vintage bits. This is like heaven! I just love those gold-lined shells. They were part of a necklace/earring set but I'm thinking of something else. 
She also sent me a beader's delight bag full of crystals and spacers! She is just too sweet!  I really enjoyed my unbirthday surprises!




  1. Oh, I think my heart skipped some beats. What wonderful surprises! Wouldn't it be great if beads would grow in your garden!!

  2. WOW what a jackpot! Can't wait to see what you make with some of those beauties!!

  3. What wonderful parcels to receive in the post! That is beading heaven :) looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  4. wow! jackpot for you! all kinds of wonderful beady goodies!think you will be having some fun with all your treasures!

  5. A very happy un-birthday to you. Lovely presents indeed ! It is always so much fun getting a cache of broken jewelry (such as the chains that you received) and turning them into salvaged treasures. I think I have more fun with broken bits and pieces than with a table filled with brand new beads and findings. Maybe I'm just weird? LOL