Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bead Party Number Two!


You might remember the first Internet Bead Party I joined back in February.  I went ahead and joined the second one that happens next month. My partner is Dana JamesShe has some amazing talent and a unique perspective. I have just started visiting her blog and I encourage you to do the same. 

Speaking of beading, despite the tremendous time pressure I was under this last semester, I did get some beading in. I must confess--it was the sort of beading that happens under extreme stress. It was the kind that all beaders will recognize--that frenetic, nearly hyperactive beading that helps relieve stress. One doesn't do this kind of beading unless one is trying to de-stress. One doesn't voluntarily do this type of beading unless one will implode if one doesn't do SOME beading. This can be with any addiction/crafting. Think to yourself how many times you snarled out, "If I don't do some ______________, I'm going to SCREAM!" 

So here you go: Some of my frenetic, frenzied, insanity-moments of beading of trying to off-load some stress. Some of these turned out surprisingly well. 
 The necklace set I made for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Yes--those roses are Mary Ellen's from BeetreebyME on Etsy.                       

The necklace set I made for my mother for Mother's Day. And yes--the flowers and the corsage bead came from Mary Ellen as well. 
 The earrings I made for my son's aunt.  I'm still collecting business cards to use as earring cards. A great way to reuse these pretty works of art that I can't bear to throw away. 
 The earrings I made for my aunt, her daughter, and granddaughter for Easter. They didn't want any Easter cookies.  The earrings on the left are made from Terri Stone's beads. 

 This set was made while I was waiting for my last three students to take their online examinations. I wanted something special to wear for my husband's graduation and he loves these burgundy and grey. The focal came from Ivy Koehn has stores on Etsy and eBay


  1. They are all lovely and it would really be difficult to pick only one favorite out of the lot. I'm sure you've made several ladies, and girls very, very happy with such pretty presents.

    The rose set is exquisite, just breathtaking ! I can envision that piece selling in a fancy, up town boutique for a very hefty price, your MIL must have been overjoyed to the point of being speechless when she received it. :)

  2. Burgundy and grey are some of my favorite colors. It looks like you have been very efficient. When I am busy at work I usually get zero beading done, because I start to overthink everything and then I can't be creative. Really nice earrings. I need to check out the site of your bead soup party - curious what you guys will make.

  3. Wow, you do great work under stress! All these pieces are so pretty, and I especially like the burgundy and gray set.

  4. You really did have some destressing to do....and you did a great job! I love the business card idea. That is so darn clever!!

  5. I love them all. I'm especially partial to the rose necklace. Great job on them all. That's a neat idea with the business cards.