Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coming Up!

Yesterday, I investigated my garden to see how much damage the hail storm did to it. The pepper plants survived. To me, that's worth the few bruises I received from being pelted by hail. I looked closely at the ground because we should have some seeds starting to sprout... 
 And among the storm debris is salad! Wooooohooooo! Those little butterfly winged things are seedlings from the mixed lettuce packet that I planted. I'm excited. This is proof that I can grow things!

Ok--I confess to having some doubts since it's been years since I've done anything like this. Patience is not one of my virtues--it's something I had to learn. And sometimes, I forget my learning. The garden is teaching me to breathe and to be patient a little longer. It's teaching me to listen to the life forces around me. No, I'm not about to start going off into the esoteric. However, I know we have different birds living in our area and the wild yellow roses have a delicate fragrance. The winds sound  different blowing through the trees when they come from different directions. And the ferals watch my every move to see what I'm doing. And now--the garden is giving us a different life force. 

I started teaching my undergraduate students Thursday. Next Tuesday, I add my graduate students to the mix. I have three days off and I'm going to enjoy them. I can tell summer sessions are going to be a bit trying this year. For example, I received this email:

"Hi Professor! 
I'm really excited to be taking your class! I have a question about the weekly check-in requirement. Is this going to be a weekly thing or will this one time work for the whole summer session?"
Right after that email, I received this one:

"Hi CM. I want to do well in your class. I'm looking for the answers to the Syllabus Exercise and don't know where to start. One of my questions about the exercise concerns the due date. I can't find that information anywhere. Please advise."

Right underneath that was my email to the class that had this bit of information: 
"Hi Class,
You will find the syllabus and the course calendar in the folder on the homepage marked "Syllabus and Course Calendar." You will find writing resources, such as structure and APA style under the "Resources" folder. You can find your weekly notes and exercises under each weekly folder, starting with the folder labeled as Week One." 
 Picture that look on my face after reading those. Hopefully, this will be a one time look and not one that lasts the whole summer.  


  1. You have to laugh! And thank technology, which enables us to do amazing things but is having an adverse effect on reading, writing and listening. I'm so happy your garden survived, and even happier that you're so tuned in to nature. It is the ultimate symphony.

  2. Yikes! Let's hope it's just new class confusion on the part of your charming little students. :)

  3. OMG. Those are funny, not right now to you perhaps, but they are funny. My fave: is the weekly checkin every week. That is too special.

    I'm so happy about your garden. I'm going to invest in a topsy turvy to grow tomatoes. Dipping my toe in the whole garden thing. They are very life affirming.

    Hang in there with the classes. You are doing good things.

  4. So glad your peppers survived. Since we put up the bird feeders I've seen a lot of birds I don't think I've ever seen before. You're right too about the wind sounding different depending on its direction.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Rest up. I think you're going to need it. LOL

  5. Ah youth, ya just gotta love 'em ! LOL
    I love the "deer in the headlights" and know that feeling all too well myself. Hang in there kiddo, it's a dirty job but somebodys got to do it. :)

  6. Hope you get the patience you will need!