Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Creativity Sparks...

While everyone else was celebrating our independence day, I was in creative mode. While everyone else was grilling, putting together bowls of potato and macaroni salads, and getting ready for the fireworks shows from shore to shore, I was frantically putting together beads. It was frantic because I was fighting the sun setting and losing daylight. I needed to bead.

Now for those of you who aren't bead junkies, this doesn't seem like a bad thing. But for those of you who are bead junkies--and I'm proudly in those ranks--the need to bead becomes an obsession. The more you aren't able to bead, the more it fixates in your brain. The more you look at beads, the more clever ideas you could put together--if you only had: 
1) time 
2) didn't have these papers that needed to be graded last week  
3) and a gazillion household chores weren't insidiously chanting your name and begging to be done and 
4) you didn't have other depending on you for their my case...the cats and students. 

So while you all were out celebrating our nation's birth of independence, I was beading. 

A sample of what I put together...
 Yep--that's 11 pairs of earrings. But I wasn't done yet...
 There's three more pairs of earrings. But don't hang up the phone just yet...
 The two on the left are added to the count. I added the two pairs on the right to balance out the shot, but I beaded them back in late May or early June. So look but don't count them in the total--which we are up to 16 pairs of earrings.
 Seventeen, eighteen....
 Nineteen pairs of earrings! 

And it didn't stop there...I had to finish this necklace for my sister-in-law, who is remarkably talented herself.  
Later that night, while I watched a movie to help keep the cats calmed during the fireworks display booming across our town, I discovered I was still in creative mode so I finished this for my newest grand-niece--her baby poncho. Last night I finished the cap. I fondly remember Paddington Bear and loved his hat...I tried to style her little cap in that fashion.
 I'm good for now.  I think. 


  1. I just adore the blankets and cap. Sweet!

  2. What lovely earrings ! You've made enough to open a small boutique. LOL
    I adore the baby set and you've done a wonderful rendition of Paddinton's own little rain cap...only yours is so much cuter. :)

  3. I'm out of breath just reading this! Wow, all those earrings and every single pair is so creative. How do you do it? I agree with everyone else -- that little cap and blanket is simply precious. I'm a piddler (is that a word?) in comparison :)

  4. Holy cow Cathryn! You have been busy....and the poncho and hat are just too cute and the earrings....fabulous! I am soooo impressed!

  5. Cathryn I NEED the green goddess earrings! You want money or beads for them? :)

  6. Wow - what will you do with those? Give them to friends? Wear them yourself? Open an Etsy store. Very effective, mam.

  7. That's a lot of beading in one day, ha. Good for you. I love the little poncho and that hat is the cutest thing. I'm sure she's going to look adorable in it.

    As far as Mary goes. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I'm thinking of rewriting the beginning over and I've added more characters and I'm thinking of changing the brothers names lol.

  8. You are my hero! I like the symmetry in your work, a lot! I adore those green goddess beads, too swell!

    Keep beading, fellow beadie!


  9. Your grand niece is a very lucky little lady! She is going to look adorable in her new poncho and hat ensemble. All of your jewelry is divine as always.

  10. Wow, you were a busy bee making all those earrings in one day. I actually was thinking about you yesterday as I was wandering the bead show and bought you something......ha ha..You'll just have to wait and see it. I'll get it off in the mail to you tomorrow.

  11. wow you have been a very busy lady....I love the baby stuff! and the necklace