Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Greeny GiveAway!

This is about beads. Sorry folks but yeah...I'm in bead mode.  

Jen over at Jen Judd Rocks! is celebrating her success of being published!  I can't imagine being published once and here is Jen--getting her happy self published SEVEN times! Yeah you read that right! Woooooooohoooooo! I know a celebrity! Woooooohoooooooo! Congratulations Jen!

Anyway, she's giving away TWO beady stash giveaways! How about that? Check out her blog for details and go over there and toss your name in the hat to receive some bodacious greeny beads! Can I say bodacious? 
I like to spread the good news and the love--especially bead love. It's just a thing I have for beads--you know? Some people call it addiction, others say it's an obsession. I think it's a bit of both! 

Check out Jen's blog--she's wild and crazy and totally into beads. I like that about her! 


  1. you say obssession like it is a bad thing!

  2. watch may need a bead intervention soon! like me...heh heh heh...

  3. Sounds like fun and I can understand...I feel that way about fabric and paper. :)

  4. Thanks for the heads-up about the give away!!!
    Those beads do make me green with envy !
    I WANT them.... LOL!!!
    m.e./bead-o-holic ;)

  5. Ooow, green and turquoise my favorite colors. I'll have to head over to Jen's blog and check it out.

    btw; All those little baby chicks are females (or they are supposed to be) and will grow up to be layers not Kentucky Fried. LOL
    Darling daughter is looking forward to the day when she won't have to buy another dozen eggs at the grocery store...since their family goes through over 3 dozen eggs a week!

  6. Seven times? Beautifully accomplished indeed!