Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Need to Bead

During this recent holiday, I took time out to bead. I wanted to get my beading fix in before the summer session caught up with me full force. On top of that I wanted to play with the bead soup mix that Dana sent me. 

So here are some examples of what I did.
 I had a lot of Swarovski crystal two-hole sliders and finally figured out how to use them to make some bling.  
Recently, I won this gorgeous Blue Riolita pendent from one of Gretchen Lima's auctions.  I put it together with some blueberry faceted quartz rondelles, amethyst luster roller beads, and bronze bicone beads. It worked out to be a delicious combination.
A couple of years back, I purchased a couple of strands of copper Sedona pearls from Gretchen. I rummaged around in my bead boxes and found coin-shaped brown slate. Combined the pearls and slate with some amethyst copper lined seed beads came out prettier than I expected. I originally had the idea of saving this set for a gift but I'm keeping it. It works with my "style" whatever that is.

I also snagged these gorgeous beads from Terri Stone's store. I couldn't help it--they were so my colors! The shades of purple, indigo, midnight blue, teal and black just screamed out my name when I saw them in her store. I bought all of them up. I've been looking at them for weeks and weeks, dreaming about what I can make with them. I paired them with lapis and crystals. I call it Cathryn's Colors...go figure huh?

I'm not one of these people who can sit on the phone for hours and hours and not do nothing. That's what I used to do when I was smoking cigarettes by the packs and packs and drinking pots and pots of coffee. So now when I'm on the phone for any length of time talking to family or friends (because I don't have call-waiting either), I try to keep my hands busy.  So that is how this set came about. I love it. I paired fresh water pearls with silver-plated chains for the bracelet and the necklace. It's too sweet!
 I've thought about opening a bead store but then I would have a hard time selling anything! Tomorrow I get to play in the dirt...Saturday morning teach again. Hope your weekend is warm and sunny without being overly hot!



  1. The last set is my favorite one, really nice. Glad you enjoyed some free time.

  2. it looks like you made the most of your beading time! you made a lot of pretty things.....I know what you mean about having your own bead store, I would have a hard time giving up the beads....I would be like Golem and his precious......not a good thing....I'm glad to see you are still getting to do an installment on your blog now and then, would miss you if you didn't

  3. Great work. I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but you know how I love Terri's beads! Have fun in the garden tomorrow and let us know if new things are coming up.

  4. It's all so nice Cathryn! I love the last little set.....too cute!

  5. Wow, you were busy this past weekend. Glad to see you got some time to yourself to do something you love. I'll be back to my beads next week and I can't wait.

  6. You have certainly been busy - love them all, and I love the variety too!

  7. They are all so different and yet each one is beautiful. I'm with the would be hard to pick just one favorite.
    I love the Swarovski two hole slider crystals bracelet that you made, but then the set with Terri's beads really is outstanding, and the last set with the silver chain and white pearls is just divine...Oh ! see what I mean? Impossible to choose just fresh hot popcorn, can't eat only one kernel. :D

  8. I honestly don't see how you get all the things you do done! You are one busy lady.